Reading this article I cannot help the deep concern I have for the children and family in Sweden right now. In 2010, Sweden adopted a totalitarian view of education and are pressuring parents heavily, to put there children as young as 1 into government hands through day care and pre-school. Sweden may have turned the Socialism look at economics, does not mean that Sweden if a free country. All this article shows is that they know a Capitalist system works. Freedoms of speech, religion, healthcare, education are still heavily controlled by the government. And in fact it is illegal to homeschool children there. So what is the moral of this story? Your treasure is where your heart is!

“Sweden’s colorful, ponytail-sporting finance minister Anders Borg is one of the few economic thinkers in Europe who understands the problem with Keynesian stimulus measures is that, even if they provide a small temporary economic buzz, they leave you with a hangover of malinvestment, of resources placed where central planners want them rather than where the market says they belong. Hire an unemployed person to be a government form-filler or poet and you’re simply putting off the day when he’ll have a real job that meets real demands.”