How do you destroy a nation, a state, a cause, a home or a man?

The dirty little secret is that you don’t destroy in major blows, but rather by nit picking in small portions, just enough to hurt but not to cause immediate destruction. It’s the continuous torment that is the enjoyment of destroying, the watching of one to suffer, struggle, fighting fact from fiction think they may overcome the trial. The question is whose to gain by it all?
You only have to look at history, or to read fictional novels to find out such details. For some, their imaginations won’t go there, for others that is all they will to turn to. To destroy is an art that is carefully crafted, so well, that even the general public is fooled into believing the scandal that is before their eyes, unawares of the deliberate craftiness of the real destruction going on behind the scene.

Utah Attorney General John Swallow

Utah Attorney General John Swallow

Big things come in little packages you know.

Intrigued? I am.

As a citizen of Utah I am amazed but not surprised on the human response to scandal. “Bring him down,” they say! “Treason!” “ Criminal”! “Oh the embarrassment to Utah!” The story gets even more scandalous if it includes a politician. “Of course they are guilty.” We elect guilty men and women all the time and if tried in the public papers, its time to impeach. Surely he must be guilty. Look at all the evidence. Look at his associations. After all he is a lawyer, too!

In November of 2012, Utah citizens elected John Swallow to the Attorney General’s office, with 65% of the vote. It had been decades since the last “true” conservative was voted to that office. Mr. Swallow was riding the wave of having been the champion of bring Obamacare to the Supreme Court, in defending the citizen’s right to not be forced into paying for a product. He had taken a chance and lead with 6 other states from the beginning in that fight, when there wasn’t support. Mr. Swallow thought otherwise. But forget that, that’s history, and he was only Assistant Attorney General.

Mr. Swallow has fought for our Utah lands. But surely that doesn’t matter as we can get money from the Government and taxes from the people. Or watch as the Federal sells off our lands for back payment on interest.

Also “Attorney General John Swallow will defend a new state law that prohibits federal land management officers from acting as state and local law enforcement officers” Yet another story that Mr. Swallow will protect Utah citizens.

Now, here we are with polls calling for investigations and impeachment. Condemn without trial, because of course two reports from the Salt Lake Tribune are firm in the evidence they have against Swallow! Do not forget this is the same Salt Lake Tribune that endorsed the re-election of President Barak Obama. This is the same Tribune that likes to jump on any Republican and side with the left.

So let’s get him! He’s guilty! Time to make an example of him! Mess with the people and your career and life are over in this town!

But hold the presses. Let’s play the “what if” game.

IF it were a Democrat in office, would the Salt Lake Tribune try the fellow Democrat in the papers? And would the Republicans in office be willing to put their reputations on the line to investigate said Democrat?

IF we don’t believe politicians why in the world do we believe two criminals? One is already behind bars, the other is under multiple counts of fraud.

IF Traci Gundersen, former Director of the Utah Division of Consumer Protection and former Assistant Attorney General, was truly pressing charges with the Utah Bar Association, why would she announce it to the public, before the ruling of the findings? Protocol is that nothing is to be said until after the conclusion of the Bar’s. So why would she announce it to the public, and then resign the very next day? Hmm.

IF Utah Legislators call for impeachment how many millions of dollars would be spent? Would it hinder the current FBI investigation? How much National attention would we get, and do we want the Obama Administration looking our way? I can just see it now “Possible collapse of the Republican domination in Utah.” Or “Bi-Partisan cooperation to bring Swallow down” Or here is another one: “Compromise was gained because of Main Stream Media.” Don’t you the citizens of Utah love it? Or are you embarrassed yet?

IF the opposition of John Swallow do turn out to be the same opposition that want to bring down Utah’s Caucus System, what does that make Utah citizens? A monkey’s uncle (half tongue in cheek)!
IF John Swallow isn’t found guilty of his accusations, being impeached would forever follow Mr. Swallow AND those legislators that called for the impeachment. Could their conscience handle it? Many good statesmen have left for fewer causes.

I have personally talked with John Swallow and have seen the receipts and bank statements. I do not, with firm conviction feel that John is guilty and worthy of impeachment. He is a man with faults, as we all are, but guilty by association is not a crime. Nor did any of the meetings take place while under ‘oath of office’ and that is important!

Mr. Swallow, whatever his early faults were do not warrant the trial by media, and lack of confidence from Utah citizens. Nothing has been done that has hindered any investigations or litigation that is currently being handled by the Utah Attorney General’s Office!

For the past 5 months John Swallow has lead the Utah Attorney’s office with due diligence that his oath requires of him. He is doing what our votes have asked him to do. IF you still demand his impeachment, you are throwing away the trust, research and questioning you did of him during the elections of 2012. You are throwing your vote away.

Legislators are not even sure as to who would replace Mr. Swallow! With the current land grabs, Common Core, and Federal police being deputized are you confident with whomever will take his place?

Are you confident enough in Swallow’s conviction to hand our State over to Progressives who are just panting at the chance to take the Holy Grail of the political arena, religious and conservative Utah!
I mean if the people are so willing to hand over our state because we tried and convicted our Attorney General based on what the media told us, than my fellow citizen’s deserve their fate.

I hope that we are sincere to our heritage and ancestry to not allow that to happen in our state. Utah deserves justice to be done. Allow the 5 current investigations to be finished. Ask the Legislators to wait until January of 2014, and support new laws of conduct becoming a Utah official. As we have seen in the recent past, jumping not allow a crisis go to waste is the demise of Freedom!