About a week and a half ago, a story that should have been front page news with bells ringing, was 2nd page news.  United Nations sends in members of The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to monitor Presidential Elections around the United States.  According to the OSCE’s own website they state “Security touches on many aspects of the way we live and are governed. The OSCE’s comprehensive view of security covers three “dimensions”: the politico-military; the economic and environmental; and the human.”  www.osce.org/what

Upon further research I’ve found that it wasn’t our government that requested the OSCE to watch our election process, but that it was the American Civil Liberties Unions, the NAACP, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and seven other civil rights groups.  The request:  “Its mission will analyse the legislative framework and its implementation and will follow campaign activities, the work of the election administration and relevant government bodies, including voter registration, and the resolution of election disputes.”  www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/oct/20/us-civil-rights-election-monitors

Why would we need outside watch dogs especially from the United Nations, the same group of people who want to undermine our Constitution and peruse treaties that violate our sovereignty as a separate nation, as well as our protected rights as United States citizens?  We have election watch dogs: BlackBoxVoting.org, and True the Vote.  However in an article published by The Hill, the collective civil right groups sent ‘a letter to Dan Everts, a senior official with OSCE,’ stating concerns that “a coordinated political effort to disenfranchise millions of Americans — particularly traditionally disenfranchised groups like minorities.”

If the United Nations and American civil rights groups were truly concerned about American voting violations, where were they when ACORN and the Black Panthers intimidated voters, never mind the Department of Justice?  The hypocrisy from the left is astounding, but at the very least it’s consistent!

One leftist article stated that “It is appropriate that the United Nations monitor US elections, despite its small contingent.  After all, the Republican Party is conducting a war on democracy.“  If they were smart, the left would remember it was Karl Marx who declared, “Democracy is the road to Socialism”.   And that America is a Republic with a democratic process of letting our voices be heard through voting.   Part of being a citizen of the Republic is taking responsibility as a citizen, a legal citizen.   truth-out.org/buzzflash/commentary/item/17586-un-to-monitor-gop-voter-suppression-at-polls

Conservatives have cried foul with the UN coming in to our country, as they should!  The United States of America has lasted for over 230+ years, without asking for help from the international community in establishing our values.  We don’t need their interference now.  Texas and Iowa have threatened arrest if the monitors violate their state laws.  President Obama has countered that they have diplomatic immunity.  Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott “made it clear these U.N. “monitors” are not above the law and will be prosecuted if they come within 100 feet of a polling place. The good news is that other states are following the lead – Iowa and Georgia – planning to strictly enforce state voting laws.” aclj.org/us-constitution/jay-sekulow-opposition-growing-to-un-monitors-for-us-elections

That brings me to Utah.  Why haven’t Utah’s leaders spoken out about UN monitors coming here?  I have made contact with our own Attorney Generals’ office but haven’t received a response.  I can only guess that it’s because the elections are only a day away.

Utah code 20A-2-300.6.   Chief elections officer.
(1) The lieutenant governor is Utah’s chief elections officer.
(2) The lieutenant governor shall:
(a) oversee all of Utah’s:
(i) voter registration activities; and
(ii) other responsibilities established by:
(A) Public Law 103-31, the National Voter Registration Act of 1993; and
(B) Public Law 107-252, the Help America Vote Act of 2002; and
(b) coordinate with local, state, and federal officials to ensure compliance with state and federal election laws.

For poll watchers: Utah code 20A-3-201:

(3) Voting poll watchers may watch and observe the voting process, and may make a written memorandum, but they may not interfere in any way with the process of voting except to challenge a voter as provided in this part.
(4) The counting poll watcher shall remain in the counting room, except in the case of necessity, until the close of the polls and may not divulge the progress of the count until the count is completed.
(5) (a) It is unlawful for a counting poll watcher to communicate in any manner, directly or indirectly, by word or sign, the progress of the count, the result so far, or any other information about the count.
(b) Any person who violates this subsection is guilty of a third degree felony.

I have not been able to find restrictions on being a poll watcher in the State of Utah.

The two individuals assigned to monitor Utah are Mashu Poulsen from Denmark and Fabrice Boule from Switzerland.  In searching for information on Mashu, I found that on her Linked in page, she lists her current work being “international affairs” and according to her facebook page she graduated from the University of Copenhagen Denmark in Anthropology.

Fabrice Boule is a journalist who works for Media21 Geneva, a network that “is designed to enhance broader public awareness of global issues through better coverage worldwide, but also more effective interaction between the media and important information resources such as donor governments, United Nations agencies, NGOs, the private sector, academics and other specialists.” www.media21geneva.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=26&Itemid=47

How these two individuals come to be on a security watch dog group does not seem to be in their job descriptions, and they are clearly not diplomats representing their countries.

Mashu Poulsen Fabrice Boule

Too many questions surround these two coming to Utah.  Too many questions surround the Governor’s office as to why they let them come and why the secrecy of having them be here.

Utahans should be more than appalled that our leaders have put good faith in hosting United Nation messengers.  We should be outraged!  Our own local media has failed in being watch dogs for Utahans.   I have found out that not only have these to individuals come and gone, but that they have been here before, during the 2008 Presidential elections.  I haven’t been able to get answers if they will be here on the day of elections but as individual citizens we need to be keenly aware of who is monitoring the polls!

Don’t be fooled by NAACP members showing up to provide water.  Don’t be intimidated by ACORN or Black Panther supporters!  Know your rights, be safe and don’t engage!  Immediately notify the election volunteers and then call local police!  It’s time to stand up for our Nations’ sovereignty!