Unions and Governments at all levels have all played a huge role in bringing down the Capitalist system as we know it. Union teamsters came out yesterday fictionally surprised about the high costs that the Obamacare legislation would impose on companies providing healthcare insurance. Can you see the outrageous satire of the Union bosses holding their hands up to their chins, eyes wide “saying oh no, how did this happen? All those promises made to our workers!” Its a bad scene from a British comedy! And while the sarcasm is just oozing forth, those union members, most of whom are either liberal leaning or very weak moderates, walking around oblivious to the situation.

Earlier this week reports came out that Union membership is down to 1930 levels. That’s a major hit to the Democrat party pocketbooks! Last week unemployment claims rose to 368,000. How many of those newly unemployed are/were union employed? www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-01-31/jobless-claims-in-u-s-increased-38-000-last-week-to-368-000.html

With less money out there to pay for the rising health insurance costs, companies are either a) dumping the worker or b) dumping the health coverage. Both of these actions result in forcing the average worker to become a ward of the state, putting even more pressure on a single payer system! This is right out of the Progressive play book! Play concerned, than dumb, then the “I have no choice” hand. Its a piece of work right out of Hollywood and Americans fall into the stupidity as recently as the healthcare debate back in 2009-10 and during the 2012 election and their doing it again with gun control.

Guess what’s next! Teachers! Our teachers are so underpaid that its now become a crisis, and yet its been a crisis in Utah for what seems like forever! Its a never ending issue. And healthcare coverage will not lesson that urgency. Yes, teachers do take on a load of burden by unreasonable proportions! They have parents, students and administrators all telling them what to do, how to act and what to teach. There are good teachers out there, even great teachers. But the individual teachers is being raked through the coals. Now their pay will become an even bigger crisis should the State find out how much more their health insurance is going to cost. Our taxes will necessarily have to go up to cover our teacher’s healthcare!

More taxes placed on us means less money for ourselves and our own healthcare, which will bring down the whole capitalist system. The burden will be so great, that in the end not even the government will be able to sustain the types of life styles that Americans have come to depend on to maintain a higher average of life expectancy! Who needs death panels when all they’d have to do is over whelm the system so much, that doctors quit, hospitals close, and we now depend on China for healthcare.

Seem outrageous? I don’t think so. Look at Europe, particularly France (who recently declared bankruptcy) and Greece, who’s citizens are begging for the stimulus money to stop coming in so that they can rebuild from scratch! Capitalism is being destroyed all around the world! Food is being with held; yesterday I read an article of Venezuela not having enough flour for bakeries throughout the country. A “Labor conflict” aka Union conflict and government standing in the way of commerce are the cause sited. Customers are being rationed to 2 50lb bags of flour a day, no more. Private bakeries are barely keeping their doors opened. www.washingtonpost.com/business/while-venezuela-tries-to-fight-shortages-lack-of-flour-leaving-some-bakeries-without-bread/2013/01/30/3783c0bc-6b28-11e2-9a0b-db931670f35d_story.html

The elitists’ plan to destroying capitalism is working. We need to stop pretending that we’ve been out of the “greatest recession since the Great Depression”. What a bill of goods the government has sold us. Republicans are worse than the Democrats, I feel, in that they knowing lead a group of freedom loving, peaceful people to slaughter with their compromises. Although those people are not blameless, they did not get elected by the people to protect our rights, and thus a higher responsibility is placed on the elected official, so help them, God!

The only way I see that our communities are going to survive this is get together without the governments help and set up “what if” plans of action. We have to know who are neighbors and community neighbors are. With regret we can no longer help kids in Africa, or even the homeless here at home. We have to strengthen our own homes first before we can help others, or we will all be at the mercy of tyranny.