Utah Attorney General John Swallow

Utah Attorney General John Swallow

The controversy surrounding newly elected Utah Attorney John Swallow is starting to become shameful! Allegations from Southern Utah citizen and business owner Jeremy Johnson about getting help by bribing his way out of a situation, are indeed eyebrow raising. I mean seriously, anyone who thinks that a small timer business man can get away with bribing a very high and powerful Sitting Senate majority leader, without it backfiring hasn’t seen enough Hollywood movies! $300,000 in upfront fees in chump change to Harry Reid, who supports the gambling in Nevada! Seriously know who your dealing with for goodness sake!

Now, according poplar Utah blog writer, Holly Richardson, more evidence is coming out that more such deals of problems being taken care of by Swallow once he gets in office. And in her blog she outlines two more instances. hollyonthehill.com/time-for-swallow-to-step-down/

I agree that an investigation should take place and I commend Swallow for turning the case over to the United States Attorney For The District of Utah David B. Barlow. Elected officials should not ever engage in making promises to gain votes! Nor should citizens promise their vote in exchange for help! It makes both sides look like desperate fools, at the very least. But asking and and promising are not against the law. Acting on them is!

This ever continued guilty until innocent thought process has destroyed lives that didn’t need to be destroyed! Here-say alone is not worthy of justice, and as any attorney and judge will tell you is not accepted in court! And this multi-calling of his resignation before a conclusion of the investigation has concluded is premature! Too many questions have yet to be answered! And the fact that a clear motive is presented from Johnson’s stand point and is not being talked about more, is suspicious to me! What more is being hidden about Johnson’s problems and who else was he talking too?

John Swallow, is a very powerful attorney that helped bring the Obama Administration to stand before the Supreme Court fighting for citizen’s right to NOT buy what the government says we do! Now as Attorney General he is concentrating on Utah’s lands issues, which would be a huge win not only for Utah’s sovereignty but financially as well! Don’t you think that alone would create enemies? Especially at a time when our economic trials are teetering on the more severe side!

Something smells about this whole thing and its not a Northern wind coming off the Great Lake Lake! Part of it is the lack of support that 62% who voted for Swallow, are now remaining silent except for maybe 2 or 3 that I know. I have personally spoken to John Swallow, in a quick one on one conversation. He looked me straight in the eye and said that the accusations are a complete lie and that he is innocent! I believe him, but he sure does have a fight a head of him.

If you voted for John because of Conservative values and principles and you believed the integrity that he portrayed, than its time for a show of support. Allow the investigation to go forward and present a reasonable conclusion. The Governor’s office said it best when they issued about the situation to KUTV: “All the Governor knows is what he has read in the paper, and it would be irresponsible to arrive at conclusions based only on that alone.

“The fact is there is a current investigation of Mr. Johnson and federal agencies are aware of the allegations. This is an instance when facts should not be politicized and process should be followed.” www.kutv.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_3437.shtml

If in the end the allegations are proven to be true, than John should step down and the charges should be applied accordingly. If we are going to be right, be right all the way through. But let’s not draw the embarrassment to us prematurely for calling on resignations before the investigation is done! Otherwise the last laugh will be given to the supporters while the shame will be on the shoulders of the naysayers.