The following is an article from an a fellow citizen who shares her concerns about Common Core, published by permission:

By Anonymous

indoctrination-134-1-480440When my conservative friends told me that public schools had become indoctrination centers, I didn’t think much about it. I believed what they were saying and noticed many parents were taking their children out of the public school system. My children are grown, so the public school system was no longer my concern, right? Wrong.

The need for a part-time job arose and in general, it was slim pickings. The school district had several part-time teacher aide positions. I applied and was hired to help kindergarten, fourth and fifth grade students improve their reading skills.

What kids are being taught is now my concern and my conservative friends’ descriptions of the public school system are confirmed.

Politically correct, liberal environmental messages are replete throughout the required materials I use every day.
For instance:

• Burning oil and coal pollutes the air
• Supplies of fossil fuels are running out and “will be gone soon”
• Ride a bicycle more to save gas
• Cut energy use
• The polar ice caps are melting
• Anyone who champions wind energy is a hero

None of the ideas are bad in and of themselves. The problem is context.

Kids are not told the whole story. They are not told that fossil fuel consumption in the U.S. has gone down over the past decade, that there are enough oil resources in the Intermountain West to meet U.S. need for 100 years!

When told that the ice caps are melting, they are not told that this has happened before, that the earth goes through natural cycles of warming and cooling.

We live in the western U.S. where riding a bicycle everywhere is not a safe option for kids so they are left feeling unnecessary concern about pollution.

Samso, Denmark is hailed as heroic for using wind energy to become energy independent. What the kids don’t know is that Samso is a tiny island off the coast of Denmark that is uniquely positioned to have wind 24/7/365. With a population of only 4,300, the 21 wind turbines that it uses to generate energy are adequate for a farming community. Kids are led to believe that this example will fit any community.

In most instances, I have verbally interjected information to give students the full story but I know most aides do not think about it. When I noticed a book that stated that South Dakota was in the southern United States, I mentioned it to a colleague who seemed unconcerned. I passed it along to my supervisor. She didn’t seem concerned either. They couldn’t do anything to change it so why bother? It never occurred to them that they could simply correct this error by showing students a map!

Will Common Core be any better? Of course not. The ground work is already laid for its furthering of the liberal agenda.