I’ve had it with all this talk of gun control.  Really! How long are we going to act like we are stupid?  Our society had been in moral decay for decades.  We call good evil and evil good.  And being labeled is not acceptable and is offensive.

Owning a gun is not a privileged it is a right!  For citizens to say other wise just shows the lack of education o f the Constitution and why the Founders put it in the Bill of Rights.  It was for the protection of the people against the government.  A government who fears the people, will not march on them.  And with today’s current government leadership, and the calls for dictatorship in the United States, citizens owning guns is their last line of defense.  If my readers have a problem with that interpretation, stop being offended, and scared of guns and take a class on gun ownership.  And please stop whining about taking away my right to own a gun or two or three or 10 or more for that matter.  It is my right to choose, an unalienable right given to me and all citizens.

To pretend and say that gun control is  “just want to make it harder to get a gun,” is  a very naive thing to say.   This latest shooting in Connecticut the guy, was mentally ill, and acquired the gun from his mother who was a legal owner of the gun.   Now I’m not going to speculate on how it got it from her, but he obviously knew of it and knew how to get it.

My question is if they, being the parents and doctors, knew of the mental illness why then was this guy allowed to escape through the cracks?  Insane Asylums of the past have a history of horrific treatments to the mentally ill.  Politically correct protocol now call such institutions Mental illness hospitals.  Many such hospitals have shut down due to lack of funding.  Why? One can only guess, but now the burden has fallen upon society to put them in jails, or have the mentally ill reside with family, hoping that their prescribed drugs can be taken.

I can already hear the Left screaming.  “How dare you.  Those people need to be loved and they can function in society and they deserve their freedom just as much as you do!”  Give me a break!  Seriously you’d rather take away my gun rights, then protect the masses of potential victims from people who cannot control their minds without drugs?  I’m not saying that all mentally ill need to be admitted.  And I do know that there are varying degrees of illness and should be determined on a case by case basis.  How ever if the responsibility is not being heavily measured with each patient and there is fear that the individual is at risk to hurt  him/herself or others, shouldn’t we take that responsibility to ensure safety?

In a recent article published by the National Review, Mr Clayton makes a clear point on what is wrong:  “What does work? Professor Stephen P. Segal’s recent study of murder rates and mental-treatment policy, “Civil Commitment Law, Mental Health Services, and U.S. Homicide Rates,” examined state-by-state murder rates and mental-health services and found that “less access to psychiatric inpatient-beds and more poorly rated mental health systems were associated with increases in the homicide rates of 1.08 and 0.26 per 100,000, respectively.” There was an even greater difference in the homicide rate between states with different involuntary civil commitment (ICC) laws. “Broader ICC criteria were associated with 1.42 less homicides per 100,000.” In short, states where involuntary commitment was easy had roughly a third less murders than states where it was very hard to civilly commit a mentally ill person.

“The reason that more mental-health services and more relaxed involuntary-commitment standards make such a difference in murder rates is very simple: Mentally ill persons are disproportionately involved in violent crimes, including murder. As of 2002, about 26,000 inmates in state prisons across the United States who were convicted of murder were also mentally ill. A detailed examination of Indiana prison inmates convicted of murder found that 18 percent were diagnosed with “schizophrenia or other psychotic disorder, major depression, mania, or bipolar disorder.” Many of the random mass murders that have so plagued not only the United States but many other industrialized societies in the last few years were committed by persons with clear evidence of severe mental illness, usually schizophrenia.

“If we are serious about reducing these relatively rare (less than 1 percent of U.S. murders are incidents of mass murder) but terrifying tragedies, we need to be looking at the root cause: untreated or inadequately treated mental illness. Focusing on the weapons may be good politics, but the experimental evidence suggests that it is bad public policy.”  www.nationalreview.com/corner/335808/preventing-mass-murder-tragedies-what-works-what-doesn-t-clayton-e-cramer#

Bad policy is putting it very mildly.  Political Correctness has brought on the the hate and the violence, the lack of correct labeling and being ultra sensitive to feelings has literally killed thousands of people.  And now who is going to be punished for a huge lack of communication skills,  those who uphold the 2nd Amendment.  Heaven forbid those who are in the medical field or co workers, or fellow students, who notice strange behavior report such findings.  Personally I believe they are not blameless as they are witnesses and could have followed their instincts.  Its amazing how many people who knew the perpetrators come out and say “so and so was depressed, or strangely fixated on this, or was kinda creepy.”  DUH!  They start sound like the reporters on MSM outlets that tell us exactly what going on in the video.  Can we not think for ourselves?  Provide information we don’t know, like why didn’t you say something sooner?  Did you feel threatened in anyway?  Good grief!

We need to stop being scared of calling a spade a spade.  We also need to recognize that there are is a large population who guns and are responsible to themselves, friends and families.  Why punish the mass, and restrict our right to own guns, when we have an irresponsible mental health care issue, that if corrected would be much safer over all?  For as stated above, not all of the murders committed, involve guns.  What should we do next ban knives, forks, baseball bats and the like?

Evil is evil and it is manipulative, deceitful, vicious, and never ending.  We need to recognize it for what it is and stop it before it takes over our loved ones.   Being mentally ill is not evil in and of itself and those that are affected need as much support and love as can be offered, including making the hardest decisions loved ones can make of committing those affected.  It could determine life or death of all involved!