In our Utah mountains, Ski Patrols go out checking the slopes for loose snow.  Conditions could be just right, soft and powdery,  ready for skiers and snow boarders to get their rush of speed!  Or the conditions could be very deceiving and dangerous.  One sound or slight of pressure could set off a wall of thunderous snow, cascading to the lowest part of the valley.

The National Snow and Ice Data Center (Yes, there is tax money being spent on studying snow!) has provided an excellent visionary of an avalanche:

An avalanche has three main parts. The starting zone is the most volatile area of a slope, where unstable snow can fracture from the surrounding snow cover and begin to slide. Typical starting zones are higher up on slopes. However, given the right conditions, snow can fracture at any point on the slope.

Annotated avalanche trackThe three parts of an avalanche path are the starting zone, avalanche track, and runout zone. (Larger image not available)
—Credit: Betsy Armstrong

The avalanche track is the path or channel that an avalanche follows as it goes downhill. Large vertical swaths of trees missing from a slope or chute-like clearings are often signs that large avalanches run frequently there, creating their own tracks. There may also be a large pile-up of snow and debris at the bottom of the slope, indicating that avalanches have run.

The runout zone is where the snow and debris finally come to a stop. Similarly, this is also the location of the deposition zone, where the snow and debris pile the highest.

Several factors may affect the likelihood of an avalanche, including weather, temperature, slope steepness, slope orientation (whether the slope is facing north or south), wind direction, terrain, vegetation, and general snowpack conditions. Different combinations of these factors can create low, moderate, or extreme avalanche conditions. Some of these conditions, such as temperature and snowpack, can change on a daily or hourly basis.”

On Friday, (R) Senator Mike Lee from Utah brought to the attention that though there is a fiscal cliff, no one is paying attention to the Financial Avalanche that will happen once the economy falls and hits the ground!  What will be the “starting zone” that is the beginning of a deadly snow ball? You can read Senator Lee’s opinion piece, published in the Washington Times, here:

We could speculate what could be the first to hit would be student loans, consumer debt.  Or, could it be as simple as the over regulation that causes businesses to stop hiring, firing of employees.  Could it be the quantitative easing #3, the unlimited amounts of money being printed to make up for those funds that are being hoarded away by big companies, and the small individual for that rainy day?  Could it be the all important Government Debt Bubble that pops and sends the avalanche rushing down?

National Debt: $16,297,155,000,000 +
Debt Per Citizen: $15, 761
Debt Per Taxpayer: $141,973 – As of 12:30 pm MT on 11/28/2012

The national debt stands at over $16 Trillion dollars and counting!  By the end of 2012 $1089 Billion will have been added to that debt, with $.40 of ever dollar having been borrowed.  President Obama wants to fix that by spending more money!  Does that even make sense?  It did to the 50% of the citizens who voted for Obama.  What about the Adjustable-Rate Debt that the government holds?  The US is the largest adjustable rate holder in the world!  According to the U.S Treasury the average majority of all the debt is 4.3 years.  By the end of this year the U.S interest on debt currently being held will be $359,796,008,919.49, that’s capital “B” in Billion dollars on top of the $16 Trillion dollars.  For 2013 the added interest is expected to be $12,922,741,407.27.  Who else is sick, besides me?

Senator Lee is exactly right in declaring an avalanche warning!  Our economy could come to a stand still, worse than the week following 9/11.  Senator Lee, Senator Rand Paul- KY, and Senator Pat Toomey – PA have all submitted bills that would balance the budget.  President Obama has submitted budget proposals that weres given 0 (zero) votes in the past 2 years.  Senator Harry Reid and the Democrats haven’t submitted a thing, except to propose raising taxes on those that already pay 40% of the tax revue collected.  That’s not nearly enough to solve this crisis!  The words “Mayday, Mayday, Incoming” is all I hear when it comes to the approach of January 1!

Democrats and Republicans solutions of raising taxes, without severe cuts in spending are just making the problem worse and in fact playing Economic Russian Roulette with the lives of citizens.  TARP 1 and 2 haven’t worked!  Americans have been asked to give their fair share.  I think we have, short of giving our piddly savings, which the Government has said they want to tax next!

Who knows what will be in the pile at in the “run-out zone”.  I can guess more than empty businesses and mass confusion!  I hate to even mention it, but death could also be found.  Democrats and moderate, negotiating Republicans need to get their heads out of their lucrative positions and start practicing what they preach.  Otherwise they will have their reputations forever linked to the down fall of America and her citizens!