Last Friday, Senator Mike Lee pushed to infringe upon those seeking gun control laws in the Senate. In an amendment to the Senate’s first budget proposal in 4 years, calls for a require super majority vote with any future bills that concern the 2nd Amendment. “It also requires that additional consideration should be given before passing legislation that alters one of our fundamental constitutional rights.

The legislation would have applied to the following:

Bans on so called “assault weapons”
Bans on high capacity magazines
Universal background checks that can only be enforced by a national registry
Establishment of a registry to track firearm purchases
Imposing a de facto ban on gun sales to veterans
This point of order could be waived by a 2/3 majority of the Senate.

In a released statement, Senator Lee made it quite clear that he is still standing with the peoples’ rights to bear arms and the Constitution as it stands.

“Americans are appalled by criminal acts of mass violence,” Sen. Lee said. “However, Americans also recognize that there are limits to the problems that can be solved with new legislation. The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution protects citizens’ rights to defend their own life, the lives of their loved ones, and the lives of the most vulnerable. This right speaks to history’s lesson that government cannot be in all places at all times, and history’s warning that we would not like to live under a government that tried. Government registration of firearms presents a threat to our 2nd Amendment rights. Such a registry would be no less offensive than one monitoring how individual citizens exercise their rights to free speech, association, religion, or any other constitutional right.”

Unfortunately, the following morning, the Amendment was voted down. But don’t assume that has stopped Senator Lee in his fight for Americans 2nd Amendment rights. In the video below Senator Lee answered a caller’s question about what he (Lee), was doing to “block efforts to curtail 2nd Amendment rights?”

Yesterday, media reports spread about a another filibuster that has been planned by Senators’ Lee, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul, on Senator Harry Reid’s gun control bill that asks for more extensive bank ground checks, interstate gun trafficking, and could limit magazine capacities.

In a letter sent to Reid’s office from the 3 Conservative Senators stated ” We will oppose the motion to proceed to any legislation that will serve as a vehicle for any additional gun restrictions”

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Today, the White House shot back to the Senators, to not get in the way, warning them that it would be unfortunate to send that type of message to the victims who have been affected by gun violence.

Apparently the White House and Harry Reid, haven’t received the message that “infringement” on the American citizen’s right to bare arms is not to be crossed. Americans have sent that message loud and clear, with their rights to purchase such tools of freedom.

I strongly support Senators’ Lee, Cruz and Paul as they continue to stand against a bully system that would love to destroy the Constitution!