“Hello, I am John Doe, and I will not conform!” “Hello, I am Lisa Cummins, and I will not conform!”

If you have ever seen Frank Capra’s movie, Meet John Doe, you most likely caught a glimpse of the power one individual has. On Tuesday, July 22nd, Glenn Beck brought together various individuals from many different backgrounds to make the statement: “We Will Not Conform.” The issue is Common Core, an agenda of taking our children and using them for the benefit of the government and private entities.

When I started fighting back against Common Core in 2010, I was a lone mom, or so I thought. I was putting in attorney-like hours researching and following leads concerning anyone and anything Common Core related. Months later, I teamed up with Christel Swasey, Alisa Ellis, and Renee Braddy, as well as a handful of other moms. Together we combined our research, traveled the state sharing presentations, meeting with legislators, school board members, teachers, and anyone who would listen and take us seriously.

Walking into the studio I felt extremely small, and yet an important part of huge fight to protect our children. Washington D.C., massive corporations, and big names with obscenely deep pockets were coming after our children. However the “Bureau-edu-crats,” (as Michelle Malkin called them), made a huge and vital mistake. They severely underestimated the power of Moms and Dads, and the ability of one dad to bring them all together under the roofs of 700 theaters across the nation.

Five sections of the studio were set to cover different areas of importance: Michelle Malkin took the lead in Resources and Research, Dana Loesch lead the “Grassroots”, David Barton focused on “Politics”, Pat Gray discussed “Alternatives”, and Brian Glicklich emphasized “Messaging.”

To briefly summarize:
◾At the Resource and Research table: self –education of the issues is needed. Parents and citizens must know what is at issue and the risks involved.
◾At the “Grassroots” table: sharing that information through the right channels (i.e. social media, face-to face discussion, etc…) is vital. Twitter was voted as the most useful tool.
◾At the “Politics” table: we must be organized and show up at various school board and legislative meetings in numbers! Numbers DO matter! Understand the 10th Amendment and make sure your elected officials do to.
◾At the “Alternative” table: through a poll conducted, homeschooling came off as the winning alternative to public school. It was emphasized that parents should not disengage from the discussion of public education. Everyone needs to be involved.
◾The fifth table was Messaging. Brian Glicklich made it clear that we need to “Think first, listen second, and talk last.” We are to disengage from arguments, you can be “angry and effective, but rarely can you do both at the same time,” “what you say and how you say it can be just as effective as the words themselves”.

So how did Utahans respond to the event?

Jim Wilson shared:

“We were at the Provo Mall theaters. The place was packed. There was a petition being passed around. The audience was very engaged and often showed their support through applause. There was a great deal of discussion afterwards. It was a great event!”

From Vincent Bellon:

“Draper was sold out! The crowd was engaged and applauded throughout, especially when the subject of home schooling came up. We met in the lobby afterwards to sign the petition and many were exchanging e-mails. I was very motivated afterwards by the instruction we received!”

Glenn Beck was exactly right when he said

“The day when we are willing to go to jail like Martin Luther King did for his kids, we win!”

Numbers DO matter. Look what a handful of moms have done in Utah! Look what one dad did in bringing a nation together. It all starts with 1. It starts with you! Spread the word: a citizen movement has begun! WE WILL NOT CONFORM!

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