Indiana, U.S.A

Indiana, U.S.A

I have been to too many educator board meetings where the public is given very little time to address concerns and the board members sit there with attitude in the their postures, texting, or whispering, clearly annoyed by the public. Wait, I maybe talking about teenagers. Well, anyway, either way the whole group of them need to be taken out to the watershed and seriously disciplined.

Not once has recorded pleas from the public been answered from these board members, at least that I’m aware of. So its thrilling to have Indiana legislators straighten their spine and demand answers to questions that we’ve been asking for a long time!

On Monday, Indiana conducted the first of 3 hearings into Common Core! American historian and freelance writer, A.K. Fielding wrote a fascinating analysis on how it went! You can find her full article here! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall, watching these instigators of bad education, squirm!

“Why was there such an urgent rush to come up with a plan such as CCS? Moreover, why is there an urgent rush to ensure the implementation of CCS?”

I’ll tell you why. The Race to the Top, is just that, a race! States are so eager and hungry for Federal dollars to give to their administrators and infrastructure, that time is of the essence! Four RttT grants are dangled like carrots on sticks, to State and local Boards to get everything just right and be approved. Its sad to see that competition for attention is now in starving mode! Our governments have become children, not knowing how to do anything but what is told to them. Also, private investors want their money back, with interest. Bill Gates isn’t a fool to invest $150 million of his own money and expect nothing in return! This is about money and power, and State and local boards have to move if Common Core is going to produce!

But the answer in the above paragraph was not given, instead a vague understanding was felt. Fielding wrote “What became apparent early in the debate was that those in favor of CCS are in an almost desperate need to implement the program as quickly as possible.” No further details where mentioned.

“If these “experts” are truly concerned about our children, then why do they make deals behind closed doors only informing Americans after the fact?”

Utah’s problem is the same. Why is the State Board of Education sitting behind close doors? Why do they not provided detailed names of those who are writing “Utah Core.” Why can we not question those individuals. Why the secrecy? Well because these experts are nothing more than self appointed elitists with a LOT of money. And money talks! The nemesis to money is the power of the people. Hence the meetings behind closed doors. Am I making too much common sense?

“Furthermore, for proponents of CCS who continue to claim that it is a “state driven program,” why do the states only have a 15% opportunity to revise the CCS standards?”

“Senator Scott Schneider asked Jeffrey Zimba of the nonprofit Student Achievement Partners, and a lead writer of the Common Core math standards, if he knew whether the high performing countries were using the same standards? Schneider had to ask the question repeatedly because Zimba was unable to give a direct answer. After much pussyfooting around the question, he eventually said, “they do not produce the same.”

HAHA!! We’ve been saying that all along! THERE is NO evidence that the Common Core Standards are globally competitive! Right from the horses mouth! FINALLY, we are getting somewhere!

And for evidence of the 15%, that the USOE emphatically denies or won’t acknowledge you are welcome to click on these links: No Child Left Behind waiver, the State Adoption of the Common Core Standards: the 15 Percent Rule, (A state by state look at the implementation of the 15% rule, including Utah), and Achieve’s “On the Road to Implementation: Achieving the Promise of the Common Core State Standards,” see page 20!

Continuing: “Schneider also asked if the high performing countries collaborated on their education standards and Zimba responded “probably” but was unable to give a proven answer backed by research. Indeed, when asked by Schneider if he knew where the US ranked in education, Zimba was clueless. Yet, these experts are to make decisions about our children’s future.”

What a piece of crock! Rupert Murdock said that Common Core was a potentially $500 Billion sector! And now it could be the biggest scam of all time! They played poker and in the last few rounds the cards have been sliding down their sleeves! The American public have been had with a phoney sale of goods!

Continuing: “Perhaps the most important revelation of the hearings on Monday came from Professor of History, Terrence Moore of Hillsdale College who noted that CCS undermines the significance of our historical documents. For example, CCS does not recommend students read and analyze the US Constitution. Under CCS, The Federalist Papers are insignificant. Indeed, they are not even on the reading list. CCS recommends only reading the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Furthermore, CCS recommends students should read the Declaration of Independence but only to answer, “compare and contrast questions” not to analyze the significance of this great historical text.”

I have to point out that Mr. Moore’s statement is a general analysis of the Founding documents. I know that while my daughter was attending a charter school historical documents (aka informational texts) where highly suggested. However not much time was spend on them. There was no time spent on the details of the why, who’s, how, etc. I was told by the teacher that the students would have to do that on their own time and dive deeper. As a lover of history I would have hated to be in this teachers’ class. No motivation or passion what so ever. Just bland old documents. And yet this is what common core strives to teach our kids.

The bottom line is this: as more and more states follow in the footsteps of Indiana, South Carolina, Ohio, Wyoming, Kansas, Missouri, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Alabama, the proponents of Common Core will fight harder and push for faster over haul to complete their goals. This is a race on who controls the future. For too long Progressives and liberals have had that position and they have driven America’s education system into the ground. Its time for parents and teachers to really take back control of their children’s lives. No more data mining, no more teaching to the test, no more careers being based on student performance, and no more students lives being laid out by crony capitalists. Its time to act.

Shout “NO TO COMMON CORE!” and stop it in its tracks.

Information text is selective and from what I’ve seen, with studying the correct and full history of the United States, is next to nill! In fact, because students have so much to learn in so little time (aka rigorous)