Originally written March 5, 2012:

Dear Ms. Fluke,

With the last weeks National coverage of contraception, I am deeply saddened that more women have not come out speaking against what you have testfied of in front of a sub – committee.   Where are the Christian women, where are the Muslim women that defend America, where any of the deeply religious members of this nation?  And why are we only allowing Conservative hosts Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and countless others to be the only ones speaking?


I for one am exhausted hearing the terms Democracy, Social Justice, right to work, right to health care, right to own a car, right to own a house, right to food, right to contraception.  Its not an issue of “right to” for everyone has their own right to pursue their own definition of their own happiness.  The issue is the forcing your opinion by taking away someone else’s equal right!


Democracy is a falsity of freedom for the lazy!  It opens the door wide open to an Oligarchy – ruled by a few then that leads to Monarchy.  If you don’t know what an Oligarchy is, I have provided a youtube video for you, so you will understand:




Those that think they have freedom to demand that their needs be met, are sorely unware that the handouts came from the government pickpocketing from other citizens.   First the government forces the citizens who have to give to those that have not by taxing.  If those that have do not pay their taxes they get fined a bigger amount and go to jail ( well those that oppose the left anyway).  Do you see the equal injustice?  Do you see the giving up freedom for laziness?  Let me put it another way:  Victim 1 demands contraception (you and those that agree with you).  The middle man (the government) says “Ok, I’ll be right back.”  and goes to the citizens at large (me and those like me that pay taxes).  The middle man digs their fingers into my purse grabs a percentage out based on what the middle man thinks is fair.  He doesn’t ask my opinion and then leaves and bring you your request.  In the end I got robbed, the handler took a bulk of the money and you get the minimal amount requested with strings attached.


Whatever happened to “where there is a will, there is a way”?  Past generations have helped to cause more problems by simply not owning up to their responsibility in this mess.


The Women’s suffrage movement started out with a good and just cause.  Although behind doors women were often sought for their thoughts on matters, they were told to hold their tongues in public.  A woman’s voice is important.  A woman’s right to have a family, or have a career, or both is her pursuit of happiness.  But the minute that right is infringed upon others it is open to ridicule, opinion, and leads down the path to legislation and rights of other being taken away.


If you,  Ms. Fluke,  and the countless of other females out there attending law school are too poor to go to Planned Parenthood to get their contraception, then perhaps its time to quit school and get a job.  I know I don’t work, nor my husband, with the intent to pay for your college and law degree, and your food stamps, and subsidized living, and your contraception.  But alas that is what the lazy democracy loving college students, such as yourself,  have been convinced should happen.


The collective “you” have infringed upon my equal right to provide for my own children, provide for my own healthcare, pay for my own groceries and gas, and have taken my right away to possibly take a trip to the Caribbean during my spring break!


Besides that, Ms. Fluke, you and your  plea that women need to be taken care of by the government has just set the Women’s movement 100 years.  WOMAN UP, Ms. Fluke, get a job, and get the h*** out of my Target brand purse!


We are fighting to remain a Republic government, meaning (for those who attend college) we are individuals that can take responsibility for ourselves, think for ourselves, work for ourselves.  I am my best advocate and know what my needs are and how to meet them.  This is a country of people that are working hard together to make us prosperous, cleaner, healthier, happier, peaceful, and smell better!  If you don’t want any part of that, I believe there is a country down south called Venezuela, or in Europe, which may be more appropriate France, that you might like better.


Sincerely, not so much yours,