Indiana Legislators grow a spine and make experts squirm!

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Indiana, U.S.A

Indiana, U.S.A

I have been to too many educator board meetings where the public is given very little time to address concerns and the board members sit there with attitude in the their postures, texting, or whispering, clearly annoyed by the public. Wait, I maybe talking about teenagers. Well, anyway, either way the whole group of them need to be taken out to the watershed and seriously disciplined.

Not once has recorded pleas from the public been answered from these board members, at least that I’m aware of. So its thrilling to have Indiana legislators straighten their spine and demand answers to questions that we’ve been asking for a long time!

On Monday, Indiana conducted the first of 3 hearings into Common Core! American historian and freelance writer, A.K. Fielding wrote a fascinating analysis on how it went! You can find her full article here! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall, watching these instigators of bad education, squirm!

“Why was there such an urgent rush to come up with a plan such as CCS? Moreover, why is there an urgent rush to ensure the implementation of CCS?”

I’ll tell you why. The Race to the Top, is just that, a race! States are so eager and hungry for Federal dollars to give to their administrators and infrastructure, that time is of the essence! Four RttT grants are dangled like carrots on sticks, to State and local Boards to get everything just right and be approved. Its sad to see that competition for attention is now in starving mode! Our governments have become children, not knowing how to do anything but what is told to them. Also, private investors want their money back, with interest. Bill Gates isn’t a fool to invest $150 million of his own money and expect nothing in return! This is about money and power, and State and local boards have to move if Common Core is going to produce!

But the answer in the above paragraph was not given, instead a vague understanding was felt. Fielding wrote “What became apparent early in the debate was that those in favor of CCS are in an almost desperate need to implement the program as quickly as possible.” No further details where mentioned.

“If these “experts” are truly concerned about our children, then why do they make deals behind closed doors only informing Americans after the fact?”

Utah’s problem is the same. Why is the State Board of Education sitting behind close doors? Why do they not provided detailed names of those who are writing “Utah Core.” Why can we not question those individuals. Why the secrecy? Well because these experts are nothing more than self appointed elitists with a LOT of money. And money talks! The nemesis to money is the power of the people. Hence the meetings behind closed doors. Am I making too much common sense?

“Furthermore, for proponents of CCS who continue to claim that it is a “state driven program,” why do the states only have a 15% opportunity to revise the CCS standards?”

“Senator Scott Schneider asked Jeffrey Zimba of the nonprofit Student Achievement Partners, and a lead writer of the Common Core math standards, if he knew whether the high performing countries were using the same standards? Schneider had to ask the question repeatedly because Zimba was unable to give a direct answer. After much pussyfooting around the question, he eventually said, “they do not produce the same.”

HAHA!! We’ve been saying that all along! THERE is NO evidence that the Common Core Standards are globally competitive! Right from the horses mouth! FINALLY, we are getting somewhere!

And for evidence of the 15%, that the USOE emphatically denies or won’t acknowledge you are welcome to click on these links: No Child Left Behind waiver, the State Adoption of the Common Core Standards: the 15 Percent Rule, (A state by state look at the implementation of the 15% rule, including Utah), and Achieve’s “On the Road to Implementation: Achieving the Promise of the Common Core State Standards,” see page 20!

Continuing: “Schneider also asked if the high performing countries collaborated on their education standards and Zimba responded “probably” but was unable to give a proven answer backed by research. Indeed, when asked by Schneider if he knew where the US ranked in education, Zimba was clueless. Yet, these experts are to make decisions about our children’s future.”

What a piece of crock! Rupert Murdock said that Common Core was a potentially $500 Billion sector! And now it could be the biggest scam of all time! They played poker and in the last few rounds the cards have been sliding down their sleeves! The American public have been had with a phoney sale of goods!

Continuing: “Perhaps the most important revelation of the hearings on Monday came from Professor of History, Terrence Moore of Hillsdale College who noted that CCS undermines the significance of our historical documents. For example, CCS does not recommend students read and analyze the US Constitution. Under CCS, The Federalist Papers are insignificant. Indeed, they are not even on the reading list. CCS recommends only reading the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Furthermore, CCS recommends students should read the Declaration of Independence but only to answer, “compare and contrast questions” not to analyze the significance of this great historical text.”

I have to point out that Mr. Moore’s statement is a general analysis of the Founding documents. I know that while my daughter was attending a charter school historical documents (aka informational texts) where highly suggested. However not much time was spend on them. There was no time spent on the details of the why, who’s, how, etc. I was told by the teacher that the students would have to do that on their own time and dive deeper. As a lover of history I would have hated to be in this teachers’ class. No motivation or passion what so ever. Just bland old documents. And yet this is what common core strives to teach our kids.

The bottom line is this: as more and more states follow in the footsteps of Indiana, South Carolina, Ohio, Wyoming, Kansas, Missouri, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Alabama, the proponents of Common Core will fight harder and push for faster over haul to complete their goals. This is a race on who controls the future. For too long Progressives and liberals have had that position and they have driven America’s education system into the ground. Its time for parents and teachers to really take back control of their children’s lives. No more data mining, no more teaching to the test, no more careers being based on student performance, and no more students lives being laid out by crony capitalists. Its time to act.

Shout “NO TO COMMON CORE!” and stop it in its tracks.

Information text is selective and from what I’ve seen, with studying the correct and full history of the United States, is next to nill! In fact, because students have so much to learn in so little time (aka rigorous)

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“Our Children, Our Money, Our Choice! Stop Common Core!”

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CC children“Our Children, Our Money, Our Choice! Stop Common Core!” That was the message that over 100 parents, teachers, and yes, children called out in front of the Utah State Office of Education, on Friday! The gathering was to inform the Board that it is time to hear the concerns of citizens regarding Common Core.

In order for public opinion to be heard, citizens had to call in days before the meeting to be put on the list to speak. Dr. Gary Thompson, Alisa Ellis, and myself were given the opportunity to speak. I’ve posted two of the speeches and the video below.

Christel Swasey was then interviewed with ABC4 News, and I was able to capture some of that interview.

Our number of attendees was vital! And this was a great start! For the first time that I can recall, Utah State Superintendent Mertell Menlove missed out on committee meetings, and sat with over 50 parents. He listened to our concerns and his patience was tested as each of us felt the need to stand boldly and correct mis-information that we knew to be false. I personally told him that he was a brave man and thanked him for the opportunity to speak with us.

Two things came out of that short visit: 1)Superintendent Menlove is not doing his homework. There were so many issues relating to Common Core that he was not aware and could not answer to! 2) Both sides agree that we need to sit down, that we need to share our factual documents without emotion, and that by doing so, Utah just might come up with a reasonable policy for education! But it will have to be with parents, legislators and Board members. If either one is left out, we are destined to repeat history, yet again!

By Alisa Ellis:

Two years ago I considered myself a regular mom happily volunteering in the school and “raising nerds” as my husband and I regularly joked because we’ve always focused on the academic side of education. It is important to me. It wasn’t in my life plan to be here today. There are a million other things I’d rather do but can’t sit idly by and watch local control slip away.

I don’t appreciate my tax dollars being spent trying to sell Common Core to me. You can’t talk AT the public. You must talk WITH us.

We MUST open up an honest open dialogue about the Common Core Reform Agenda. This IS NOT just standards and it never was. This is an entire education reform package. The standards tie everything together with the testing and data collection enforcing compliance. You and I, we have a lot more in common than you may think but we can’t find common ground if we don’t even have a dialogue.

None of us are saying we can’t get out, we know we can and that’s why we say to you. WE WANT OUT!!! We can do better! There are solutions. Over 120 UT professors of math, science and engineering signed a petition stating that they would like to pick up standards SUCH AS California’s who Fordham said “are excellent in every respect.”

We must retain freedom and excellence in our children’s education. Parents and teachers must have the freedom to work together to set the very best educational pathway for the children not what will be best for the economy, businesses, testing companies. We must do what is best for the children.

Blanketing untested and unproven reforms across the Nation is certainly not in the best interest of the children. This common core nonsense is creating a Monopoly, not just a monopoly of curriculum but a monopoly of thought where this one idea is being sold as the answer to all problems in education and the solution for all children.

You and I both know that each child is an individual who learns and thinks differently from the student sitting next to him.

It is a blatant lie to state that these are minimum standards. They never were. The 15% guide has been in every document I’ve read since 2009 and it is in the waiver. You’re worried about delegating your constitutional authority to higher ed but that’s exactly what you’ve done with Common Core which we don’t own. They are NOT UT’s. UT can and must be a leader. Let’s not settle for A- WE MUST DO BETTER.

By Lisa Cummins:

Superintendant Menlove, Members of the Board

My name is Lisa Cummins. I am a mother of 5, and an Aunt to many. I am here before you to defend them against your tyrannical jurisdiction and the implementation of Common Core.

This battle that I am fighting is a battle for the souls of these children. The Elite of this country have co-mingled with the Communistic like leadership of this Nation to create a monster that you are willing to feed our children into.

While the standards themselves are nothing to gawk at, the rest of the ugly package has gotten my undivided attention. I have found that the primary goal is data collecting and to achieve that by mandating assessments, tying it to student’s grades, thereby coercing parents into giving in for the sake of their child’s future. You have almost tied our hands behind our backs. ALMOST!

As far as information texts go, nowhere in either the United States Constitution or the Utah State Constitution, does it say that pre-approved categorically elected representatives on the State Board of Education have the authority to usurp parents’ rights.

In pointing to another informational text, the Utah State FERPA, the State Board has ignored or brushed aside parental rights. With accepting the $9.2 million dollars that came from the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — “Stimulus Bill” to create the State Longitudinal Data system, on top of the continuous refunding of 9% of our tax dollars by the Federal Government, you have turned your allegiance to the Federal expectations and ties instead of to the people of Utah who pay the rest of your budget.

“In 2011, the U.S. Department of Education reinterpreted” and edited “the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act to permit a student’s academic record to be shared with virtually anyone including non-governmental organizations without prior written parental consent,” stating instead that is “best practice”, but not necessary.

“Rupert Murdock, owner of Amplify Education, estimates that K-12 education is a $500 BILLION dollar sector.” (Source: American Thinker)

Money and power talk and clearly you have fallen hook line and sinker to sell our children’s souls.

I demand the right to opt my children out of your state assessments without it affecting their final grades! I demand accountability and answers! I demand that local control be given back to the parents and teachers, who know best on how to teach our children.

I also declare that if you insist on collecting data from my children you had better bring a warrant! Otherwise you are indeed violating Article 1 Section 14 [Unreasonable searches forbidden — Issuance of warrant.] The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches.

Thank you!

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“Public perception matters:” Its just in how you spin it!

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The left leaning, Salt Lake Tribune displayed its pattern of printing distorting truth and printing lies, again. This week an op-ed piece in the Tribune made absurd claims that Glenn Beck is a Nazi sympathizer because of a few artifacts from World War II. I was not able to attend the “Independence Through History” museum, however, I did meet Glenn, at the Man in the Moon event, and I did meet Rabbi Daniel Lapin, in the same hallway where the line was growing to attend the museum. Not one ounce of support or sympathy for the Nazi practices came from these to men! They have never ever even expressed such claims in my experience of listening two these men speak! Beck, today said that he personally gave $100,000 to CUFI, Christians United for Israel. Not only does he donate, but he supports their efforts in standing with Israel and so much more. I’m not sorry, but the facts just don’t support the lies! Its incredible that the editors at the Tribune allowed this to print, but its not surprising.

And that issalt-lake-tribune-subscription-april-2012-870121-regular my point of this post. The Salt Lake Tribune has been consistent in allowing their guest writers and their pay-rolled journalists to support an agenda of defamation to those they want destroyed, for the sake of liberalism and socialism. Glenn’s story isn’t unique. I can also point to John Swallow’s case. And the Utah public eats it up with fact, even if they have seen the opposite with their own eyes.

Its astounding to me that our legislators even went along with the Tribune, to go after Swallow. There are 6 investigations on this one man! Good grief, what is wrong with these people? No citizen was ever so privileged. I am also astounded that the Rep Snow, formerly on the special committee did not divulge his connections in the first place! Where’s the integrity? Well we know that among most legislators, there is no sign of integrity.

In a Deseret News article, UT Speaker of the House, Becky Lockhart stated: “Rep. Snow is above reproach, which is why he was chosen as chairman in the first place,” Lockhart, R-Provo, said. “But whether we like it or not, perception matters in the public sphere. It pains me to lose him, his talents and leadership skills.” And there’s the headliner: Public perception matters! And with the correct wording and the correct bias any story can get spun in such a way to sway public opinion. Facts are an inconvenience and to some a problem to be pushed under the rug.

Be careful what you read and use discernment to interpret. Don’t allow others convince you that what you see first hand are lies. The sky is blue, not purple, 2 + 3 does equal 5, the same Tribune that endorsed President Obama and supports elites and socialism, does have an agenda to destroy the Conservative movement. Let’s not be fooled any longer. Let’s be good stewards of the earth and not support a newspaper that deals in trash.

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Public Meeting on Common Core – Please come if you can, RSVP!

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You are invited to attend a special legislative meeting to express your concerns about Common Core. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 17, at 5:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m., in the Hall of Governors, on the first floor of the Utah State Capitol. Each person attending will be given 3 minutes to testify before the legislators in attendance as to why they do not support Utah’s adoption of the Common Core Standards. Please bring your spouse, friends, and neighbors to this very important meeting. They can come to listen to your testimony and the testimony of others in attendance or they can also testify.

On Tuesday, July 16 the Utah State School Board is having a special meeting with legislators to tell them why they believe Common Core is good for Utah students. It is important for the legislators to hear that there are parents and citizens who disagree with these Board members and why.

Thank you for your support. Hope to see you all there on July 17.

Please RSVP if you can attend by clicking this link and confirm how many will attend from your group (even if it’s just you). We need an idea of how many chairs to ask them to set up.

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Backstage at the “Man in the Moon”

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A week prior to the “Man in the Moon” event, my name was forwarded to Kristina Ribali, Social Media Director for FreedomWorks. It was because of my local blogging about National and Utah politics, that she invited me to be backstage at the “Free the People” Speaker Series, to blog, tweet, facebook, what I saw. I didn’t know what to expect, I had never been given such an opportunity to an event as big as this was. But I gladly accepted. Kristina also invited me to be part of the pre-show to “Free the People,” which was to air over the internet. Again I didn’t know what to expect, I’d never been interviewed before! I was given permission as well, to bring my video camera, to take pictures and talk with anyone. I had complete access! Wow! I was excited!

Glenn Beck and Kristina Ribali with bloggers from around the country prior to Freedom Works "Free the People" event July 5, 2013

Glenn Beck and Kristina Ribali with bloggers from around the country prior to Freedom Works “Free the People” event July 5, 2013

Arriving with a friend of mine, we were ushered through the gates, to the backrooms where we would set up. I was introduced to other bloggers as they came in, fully expecting to see other known bloggers in Utah. I was the only one. The diversity of bloggers there was great! Brenden Loy, a self proclaimed Left centrist was there, as was Michelle Ray who was our Libertarian. I found them to be really good people and it was a privilege to meet them!

We set up our equipment and set out! I tried to stay out of everyone’s way as they were planning for the show. Speakers were showing up. So was the wind and rain! The Man in the Moon had set backs and the crew was concerned with the props. The fact that my hair went completely uncurled and started to frizz was such a minor thing I didn’t dare ask if someone had a curling iron! So alas my 2 minutes off camera time was met with wind blown hair! A great first impression! You can see my portion of the pre-show below.

It was the atmosphere and the people that mattered though. It was calm, orderly, genuine! I’m sure nerves were being rattled just a bit, but I never saw it. These people were professional and they (and decidedly me) wouldn’t panic unless we had to. But how could panic ensue, with such faith promoting people? It couldn’t, nor did it. The only set back that I knew of was that the pre-show was stopped because the winds were just too much and the connection to the internet was at a minimal. But it was OK!

Opening the door to where I was set up, I came face to face with Glenn Beck, already speaking with the rest of the bloggers. I tried to come in as causal as possible! Mr. Beck has a gravitational pull about him. Like him or not, his presence commands respect. He was kind and soft spoken like he gets at times when he talks about topic he cares about. He was gracious with his time, as short as it was, and was genuinely interested in our conversation. He appreciated our efforts to be involved at the grassroots level, and asked to keep doing it, as we could make a difference together. He took a few pictures with us and then left to finish preparing for the Speaker’s series.

Glenn Beck - July 5, 2013

Glenn Beck – July 5, 2013

At that point the “Free the People” event had started. Kristina was incredible, asking various speakers to come and interview with us. She was going non-stop! One by one, as time permitted she brought them back to our room. In walked Saratoga Springs Mayor, Mia Love, who is running for Utah’s 4th Congressional District. Following her was Freedom Works’ Deneen Borelli, and then Arizona Congressman David Schweikert, ending with Utah Senator Mike Lee. (All of those interviews can be seen in up coming posts)

The night went extremely fast with never a dull moment. As Glenn Beck was on stage, I was backstage right behind the producers. Watching Glenn on the screen I heard him hinting to the audience of the Man in the Moon2, now in production for next year. The cues were right on, the choir and Glenn’s story was in sync. Not a sound could be heard from the audience, and if I’m not mistaken the light rain had stopped. It was an amazing moment. I looked around me and I was standing next to Rafael Cruz, Senator Ted Cruz’s father, and Matt Kibbe, President of Freedom Works, was on the other side. Even in the back we could feel the power behind the story. The host of the evening, (forgive me as I don’t remember her name) leaned over to me and she said, “you could hear a pin drop, its so quiet.” I replied, “That’s what happens when the Spirit moves.”

After the show I was again offered to come backstage and see the goings on before the “Man in the Moon” production. I was excited for the chance to come yet again.

Double rainbow over "Man in the Moon" - July 6, 2013

Double rainbow over “Man in the Moon” – July 6, 2013

The next evening at the Man in the Moon, I had ran through torrential rain. There goes my done up hair again. Oh C’est la vie! That’s life! Umbrellas weren’t allowed in the USANA Amphitheater, and I wasn’t the only one getting soaked. At least this time I wasn’t going on camera. But I did take pictures! I was able to meet Raj Nair, host of Liberty Treehouse. I saw Buck Sexton but didn’t approach him as he was speaking on the Blaze Radio. Talking about the crisis in Egypt I imagined. On stage I was able to meet David Barton of and thank him for his books that taught historical truth!

And once again I met Glenn Beck. He was pacing it seemed a little nervous about the show being partly shut down to the projectors potentially being damaged by the rain. $600,000 and he’d have to pay for each one that was ruined because of water damage. Earlier a prayer, lead by David Barton, was given with specific request to let the rains pass by the amphitheater. It was amazing. Within 40-45 minutes the skies cleared with double rainbows behind the stage. Glenn was still nervous though, the crew even more so. What was the plan? I knew I had a maybe a minute, but I went up to him and wished him luck! He placed his hand on my arm and said in his quiet voice “Thank you.” Quickly he noticed that my jean jacket was still soaked from the rain. I said it was ok, that I would dry, and that everything would be ok. He smiled, asked where my family was sitting, I pointed off stage left to the grass. Again, he was genuine and as much as I wanted to sit down and have a conversation with him, I thanked him for the privilege to be backstage and left to be with my family.IMG_1555_20130706_215721

The Man in the Moon shared the story of the Gospel. Love one another, be kind to each other, serve and lift each other up. We are writers of our own stories and we decide if our characters are heroic or tyrannical. I was shown that by Glenn Beck and his “Man in the Moon.” I am so grateful to have been given such extraordinary memories. Thank you, Kristina Ribali, and a deep thank you to Glenn Beck for providing the opportunity.

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Utahans are being duped into Swallowing

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How do you destroy a nation, a state, a cause, a home or a man?

The dirty little secret is that you don’t destroy in major blows, but rather by nit picking in small portions, just enough to hurt but not to cause immediate destruction. It’s the continuous torment that is the enjoyment of destroying, the watching of one to suffer, struggle, fighting fact from fiction think they may overcome the trial. The question is whose to gain by it all?
You only have to look at history, or to read fictional novels to find out such details. For some, their imaginations won’t go there, for others that is all they will to turn to. To destroy is an art that is carefully crafted, so well, that even the general public is fooled into believing the scandal that is before their eyes, unawares of the deliberate craftiness of the real destruction going on behind the scene.

Utah Attorney General John Swallow

Utah Attorney General John Swallow

Big things come in little packages you know.

Intrigued? I am.

As a citizen of Utah I am amazed but not surprised on the human response to scandal. “Bring him down,” they say! “Treason!” “ Criminal”! “Oh the embarrassment to Utah!” The story gets even more scandalous if it includes a politician. “Of course they are guilty.” We elect guilty men and women all the time and if tried in the public papers, its time to impeach. Surely he must be guilty. Look at all the evidence. Look at his associations. After all he is a lawyer, too!

In November of 2012, Utah citizens elected John Swallow to the Attorney General’s office, with 65% of the vote. It had been decades since the last “true” conservative was voted to that office. Mr. Swallow was riding the wave of having been the champion of bring Obamacare to the Supreme Court, in defending the citizen’s right to not be forced into paying for a product. He had taken a chance and lead with 6 other states from the beginning in that fight, when there wasn’t support. Mr. Swallow thought otherwise. But forget that, that’s history, and he was only Assistant Attorney General.

Mr. Swallow has fought for our Utah lands. But surely that doesn’t matter as we can get money from the Government and taxes from the people. Or watch as the Federal sells off our lands for back payment on interest.

Also “Attorney General John Swallow will defend a new state law that prohibits federal land management officers from acting as state and local law enforcement officers” Yet another story that Mr. Swallow will protect Utah citizens.

Now, here we are with polls calling for investigations and impeachment. Condemn without trial, because of course two reports from the Salt Lake Tribune are firm in the evidence they have against Swallow! Do not forget this is the same Salt Lake Tribune that endorsed the re-election of President Barak Obama. This is the same Tribune that likes to jump on any Republican and side with the left.

So let’s get him! He’s guilty! Time to make an example of him! Mess with the people and your career and life are over in this town!

But hold the presses. Let’s play the “what if” game.

IF it were a Democrat in office, would the Salt Lake Tribune try the fellow Democrat in the papers? And would the Republicans in office be willing to put their reputations on the line to investigate said Democrat?

IF we don’t believe politicians why in the world do we believe two criminals? One is already behind bars, the other is under multiple counts of fraud.

IF Traci Gundersen, former Director of the Utah Division of Consumer Protection and former Assistant Attorney General, was truly pressing charges with the Utah Bar Association, why would she announce it to the public, before the ruling of the findings? Protocol is that nothing is to be said until after the conclusion of the Bar’s. So why would she announce it to the public, and then resign the very next day? Hmm.

IF Utah Legislators call for impeachment how many millions of dollars would be spent? Would it hinder the current FBI investigation? How much National attention would we get, and do we want the Obama Administration looking our way? I can just see it now “Possible collapse of the Republican domination in Utah.” Or “Bi-Partisan cooperation to bring Swallow down” Or here is another one: “Compromise was gained because of Main Stream Media.” Don’t you the citizens of Utah love it? Or are you embarrassed yet?

IF the opposition of John Swallow do turn out to be the same opposition that want to bring down Utah’s Caucus System, what does that make Utah citizens? A monkey’s uncle (half tongue in cheek)!
IF John Swallow isn’t found guilty of his accusations, being impeached would forever follow Mr. Swallow AND those legislators that called for the impeachment. Could their conscience handle it? Many good statesmen have left for fewer causes.

I have personally talked with John Swallow and have seen the receipts and bank statements. I do not, with firm conviction feel that John is guilty and worthy of impeachment. He is a man with faults, as we all are, but guilty by association is not a crime. Nor did any of the meetings take place while under ‘oath of office’ and that is important!

Mr. Swallow, whatever his early faults were do not warrant the trial by media, and lack of confidence from Utah citizens. Nothing has been done that has hindered any investigations or litigation that is currently being handled by the Utah Attorney General’s Office!

For the past 5 months John Swallow has lead the Utah Attorney’s office with due diligence that his oath requires of him. He is doing what our votes have asked him to do. IF you still demand his impeachment, you are throwing away the trust, research and questioning you did of him during the elections of 2012. You are throwing your vote away.

Legislators are not even sure as to who would replace Mr. Swallow! With the current land grabs, Common Core, and Federal police being deputized are you confident with whomever will take his place?

Are you confident enough in Swallow’s conviction to hand our State over to Progressives who are just panting at the chance to take the Holy Grail of the political arena, religious and conservative Utah!
I mean if the people are so willing to hand over our state because we tried and convicted our Attorney General based on what the media told us, than my fellow citizen’s deserve their fate.

I hope that we are sincere to our heritage and ancestry to not allow that to happen in our state. Utah deserves justice to be done. Allow the 5 current investigations to be finished. Ask the Legislators to wait until January of 2014, and support new laws of conduct becoming a Utah official. As we have seen in the recent past, jumping not allow a crisis go to waste is the demise of Freedom!

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