You’d think on a state level, especially a state like Utah that values its large family heritage, that local government would value its citizens more.  Sadly that is not the case.
The announcement of Senator Stuart Reid’s proposed bill entitled “Parental Responsibility for Sex Education Training” which provided resources to parents about sex, was a little more than discouraging.  Government intrusion into the lives of families has been ever increasing with each new legislative session that comes along.  And this coming year’s legislative session will be no different.

In the Utah State Constitution no where does it say that the State has to provide sex education to students, let alone sex communication education.  Along similar lines, no where in the State Constitution does it say that the State needs to provide parental education.  Consequently no where in the Constitution does it say that the legislature is limited in passing laws.

For numerous generations now, adults have slowly allowed the public schools to take over teaching our kids everything; cooking, sewing, taking care of babies, car mechanics, reading, math, history, science, etc.  Recently added classes include finances and career development, and technical development.  Parents, in the mean time are working more than 80 hours a week combined, too busy to interact and get to the nitty gritty details of raising a child.  Instead that’s what our taxes go for.  Parents are giving up responsibility of being the Parent and the State happily steps in to fill the gap to save our children for the benefit of society.

The unexpected problem is the ever growing burden of the State to be a parent to millions of children.  So NOW they turn to regulating the parents.  Starting in Kindergarten parents are to initial a paper, honestly, that they have spent 20 minutes reading with their child.  If the monthly calendar shows any days missing of initials, the child’s grade in language arts declines.  Who is punishing who?

Move ahead to last Wednesday, at the Education Interim Committee, with a resounding sigh of we must find a way to help parents communicate with their children, Senator Reid has valiantly took it upon himself to save our families by providing resources by which parents can learn to speak to their children about sex.  Now, this proposed new law would  by no means replace what is already being taught by the schools.  It would be there for to help parents discuss what the children are learning at school in their sex education classes.

I was personally concerned about this glorified intervention and asked Senator Reid if this bill is to be a mandated request that I as a parent had to participate in.  He said no, not at all.  It is just a free resource to help parents in a face- to –face setting, teaching them how to speak with their children.  Hmmm.

I then asked him at any point was it ever discussed to have it be mandated.  Reid said yes.  To which I replied, “So in fact Senator, there is no way for you to guarantee me that my right to parent my children about sex in a way that I see fit, will not be challenged.  And that I may be brought in to be taught by the State on how they see fit.”   His response:  “That will not happen in my current bill.”  “But you cannot protect my rights in the future?” I asked.

“I cannot predict on what may happen in future legislation.”

Thank you Senator, you have just laid down the reason of why I should not support your bill!  Nor should any other Parent who knew how to bring children into this world, and knows what’s best for their individual children.

On the flip side, there very well may be a need for a Parental Communications class.  As I have stated above generations of parents have, for the most part stepped aside from their proper rolls of parental responsibility and given it to the schools.  Christians, on the whole, have excused their Pastors, Preachers, Bishops, and leadership by turning more and more to the schools.  We have left our values, principles and morals at the threshold of the Churches, having more trust in the State and offering our children up to what the State thinks is best.  But at the same time, I believe that the Churches have also abdicated their responsibility and influence by only teaching on Sunday and only speaking scriptural content.  To speak on any other topic, may lose congregants and a tax exemption. – Another State story for another time.

In closing I would plea to my parental colleges that our children are being taken away from us slowly.  We need to stop seeing free programs that entice for the good of society and start making hard choices that would make us stand out.  Our children need to know that we are quite capable in speaking to our children about sex, and any other topic that our children are interested in, without the middle man of the State.  Otherwise, we must be resolved in knowing that we may have another form of Hitler’s army on our hands!  And the parents will be accountable for it.