Show me the money, County Mayor!

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Salt Lake County Mayor
Peter Corroon (D)

Yesterday Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon announced a proposal that would increase Salt Lake County residents’ taxes by $64.  That would only raise the income by $30.9 million!  In the Deseret News Corroon stated“If passed by the council, the increase would appear on tax bills beginning in November 2013. It would be the county’s first property tax increase since 2000.

Without the tax increase, Corroon said the county will be faced with major layoffs, the closure of facilities and a district attorney’s office that has to pick and choose which criminals to prosecute.

“As difficult as it is, when it’s time to raise taxes, it’s time to raise taxes,” he said, “and that time has come. This is the best way to keep our county government stable and operational.”

Iwas listening to KNRS and  heard  Mayor Corroon state that Salt Lake County has experienced a lot of growth and that we have developed a high quality life style that Salt Lake County needs to maintain, hence the proposed raise!

I am not a mathematician but doesn’t more people coming into our county mean more income?

Salt Lake Mayor Elect
Ben McAdams (D)

On November 6th Salt Lake County voted themselves a $46 million tax increase, (not me of course) to provide for yet another 3 parks and trails!  This sounds to me like Agenda 21 proposals!  For those that aren’t aware of what Agenda 21 is, it is a program under the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs: Division for Sustainable Development.  In short it is for depopulation, more parks, more open space, all in the name of protecting the environment.  There is much more to Agenda 21 but for this articles sake, I’ll stop there.

Apparently citizens have been coming to the county asking for more areas to play sports!  Well can’t we use our school property’s for that?  Aren’t public schools just that, public?  Or is the problem that we as a society become hopeful that our kids will become so talented that they rest their hopes on physical sport scholarships for college and not academic scholarships?  After all who needs a brain these days!

Also on November 6th, Salt Lake County voters ushered in Ben McAdams   as the next county mayor.  He  sat in on the meeting with Mayor Corroon, as this would affect his office next year.  During the same KNRS radio segment with Corroon, Mayor elect McAdams, said this was new to him and he’d have to take a serious look at the tax hike.  I do not believe that.  The Democrats first solution to money problems, is to raise taxes.  However to be fair, in the Deseret News piece McAdams stated “Anytime we’re looking at a tax increase, the first place we need to look is at efficiencies and cuts,” McAdams said. “Mayor Corroon, in his budget proposal, detailed some of the cuts that would be required to balance the budget, and he and the other elected officials determined that those cuts were too deep.”

But hold the presses, I found another interesting article in the Deseret News!  Exactly 11 months ago the headline printed was “A first: Property tax billings top $1B in Salt Lake County!”  Wow that should be great wonderful news!  And it was, fabulous news as Utah is struggling to pull through a recession that has lasted since ’08.  “Treasurer Wayne Cushing told the council his office sent out bills for $1,015,500,000 this year, up $24.5 million over 2010

So where is this money going?  That is the big question!  In going through 2011 Budegt Process for Fiscal 2012, there is one section that caught my eye: The Employee Service Reserve!  This portion of the budget provides County employees such benefits such as Statutory Benefits, Res-Early Retirment, Res- Wellness Program, and Res- Fitness Center.  The current Mayor proposed that budget for this one section: a whopping $97,239,041!  Wouldn’t this money be better spent on the parks and Rec centers!  That way we, the citizens of Salt Lake County,  wouldn’t have to pay twice for our government workers health!  (And thinking about it don’t we now pay for their health 3 times? Healthcare, County Health Wellness, and Rec. Centers?) I don’t know, it’s  just an observation!  And as far as early retirement, I believe the Obama health care mandate took care of that by limiting the work week to 30 hours, for all Americans.

I am sure more money could be shaved off the proposed budget for next year, especially now with yet another massive Recession coming upon us!  Peering off the tax cliff, the drop is much deeper than the 6000 foot drop in the deepest part of the Grand Canyon!

Perhaps I’m just a silly, selfish conservative trying to put more money in my pocket so that my kids can go to the zoo and museums!  With gas prices and taxes rising, I may have to tell my children that we’ll have plan another time.

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America is Great!

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Having 12 Cabinet members, dividing up the affairs of the Nation isn’t enough, for President Barack Obama.  Now, in preparation for his second term,  President Obama  has stated that he’d like to establish a “Secretary of Business.”

All I see here is the potential for Socialism; Government picking winners and losers, regulations sky high, the poor staying poor and the rich, (well, those that stay around) getting richer.  It sounds so much like a horrible re-play of “Atlas Shrugged.”  And the possibility of it becoming reality is just less than 6 days away!

Ayn Rand expressed her vision of America as “the greatest, the noblest and, in its original founding principles, the only moral country in the history of the world.” A day ago President Obama gave his opinion of Ayn Rand saying “She missed what was best of America.”  Really?  Before we decipher his answer, allow me to review some history.

Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in his Democracy in America: “Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.”   According to Founding Father James Wilson: “Some philosophers maintain…that the rules of morality are founded on the nature of things.”  While “others allege, that every rule whatever of human actions carries with it a moral necessity of conforming to it; and consequently produces a sort of obligation.”

So which is it?  Is America’s greatness and longevity based on obligation or on a foundation of faith?

Has our education of where we came from so diminished our understanding of who our ancestors were and their struggles for freedom to nothing more than obligation to maintain tradition?  I lean toward the observation that not only has our education taught us to maintain tradition but to slowly, bit by bit, tear our traditions apart.

George Whitfield went from church to church proclaiming why we should stand up to the British:  Freedom, Liberty, and the ability to practice our faith!  Now we are ashamed to speak of such things in our churches, fearing to offend, or worse: have the tax exemption taken away!   Shame has set in, driven by tolerance.  If we work hard,we are greedy and too ambitious for our own good.  If we talk of traditional marriage and family, we are accused of being hateful to those who choose same sex marriage.  Being religious is extreme and stifling, while being open minded is freedom.   Everything that was once good is now called evil, and everything that was once evil is now good.  A whole new world, right?!

Which brings us back to what Barack Obama said about what has made America great:  “That view of life – as one in which we’re all connected, as opposed to all isolated and looking out only for ourselves – that’s a view that has made America great and allowed us to stitch together a sense of national identity out of all these different immigrant groups who have come here in waves throughout our history.”

America isn’t great because we work together, America is great because of individuals standing alone pursuing, fighting, and working for a dream of a better society!  America is great because those individuals knew exactly where they came from!  They knew exactly where they wanted to be!  And they knew exactly who to ask for help!  First you have to dream, then you have to hope.  Next comes faith, followed by work!  And at the end you have knowledge!  The Founding Fathers had a dream of a free society in which they could be free to worship, speak without fear, keep and build upon what they worked for.  Dr. Martin Luther King marched in the streets proclaiming that he was a son of God,  a man, who only should be judged on character!  Ronald Reagan, once a Hollywood actor, defied advice and told Gorbachev to “Tear down” the Berlin Wall! Single individuals that have changed the world!

Three and a half years ago, America elected a man that broke the mold of what former Presidents looked like.  America didn’t know much about his character, history or vision of America, but they saw a chance to prove to the world that we had evolved.  This individual had a different vision and dream for America.  The key ingredient missing in this man’s education: individual achievement.  What had he built on his own?  From what we have learned about Mr. Obama, he has not had a job of creating a business. We also know now that he didn’t grow up as American boys due, witnessing  American parades, playing cowboys and Indians, care free of the burdens of 3rd world countries.  I imagine as a boy, he didn’t hear of American folk stories of Paul Bunyan or Pecos Bill, or the classic story of Johnny Appleseed; One man planting apple trees, praising Heaven, while planting trees for those that would follow to have food.  A great true story is of  Walt Disney creating a mouse on a train and have him become the most recognizable, happiest figure in the world.  President Obama doesn’t understand how an individual in  America can build a dream on his or her own, become successful and decide for themselves on best to distribute their wealth.  Individual worth is what drives America!

America is great, because she is good!  She is good because of individuals who believe in family, Country and God!  We are a moral country that take pride in individual achievement, respect of individual rights; free speech, free to practice religion, free to pursue our own happiness.  And if Obama wins this election and creates the Secretary of Business position, he will have completed in destroying the America we have always been!

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Where does your treasure lie?

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Reading this article I cannot help the deep concern I have for the children and family in Sweden right now. In 2010, Sweden adopted a totalitarian view of education and are pressuring parents heavily, to put there children as young as 1 into government hands through day care and pre-school. Sweden may have turned the Socialism look at economics, does not mean that Sweden if a free country. All this article shows is that they know a Capitalist system works. Freedoms of speech, religion, healthcare, education are still heavily controlled by the government. And in fact it is illegal to homeschool children there. So what is the moral of this story? Your treasure is where your heart is!

“Sweden’s colorful, ponytail-sporting finance minister Anders Borg is one of the few economic thinkers in Europe who understands the problem with Keynesian stimulus measures is that, even if they provide a small temporary economic buzz, they leave you with a hangover of malinvestment, of resources placed where central planners want them rather than where the market says they belong. Hire an unemployed person to be a government form-filler or poet and you’re simply putting off the day when he’ll have a real job that meets real demands.”

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