Michelle Malkin’s “Rotten to the Core” Utah Style

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Michelle Malkin released the fourth installment of her series “Rotten to the Core: The Fed’s Invasive Student Tracking Database.” townhall.com/columnists/michellemalkin/2013/03/08/rotten-to-the-core-the-feds-invasive-student-tracking-database-n1528581?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl

Syndicated Columnist Michelle Malkin

Syndicated Columnist Michelle Malkin

In it she talks extensively about the data tracking plans of students, gathering very private, invasive, information that goes beyond, the normal Social Security number, age, birth date, home address, etc.

Utahns Against Common Core, and Utah moms Alisa Ellis, Renee Braddy, and Christel Swasey, as well as myself, have been studying this topic for over a year. We have gathered evidence, and documented exchanges that confirms what Michelle Malkin is saying in her opt piece. However allow me to inform you what Michelle has left out, and specifically, how it affects Utah.

In Michelle’s piece she states, “Say goodbye to your children’s privacy. Say hello to an unprecedented nationwide student tracking system, whose data will apparently will be sold by government officials to the highest bidders.” These two statements are full of information. First, Yes! Do say goodbye! In an effort to gather this information, schools- including Utah- have been gathering every child’s medical history to put in their school portfolio. I’m not talking about vaccinations; I’m talking about assignment questions, that ask, “When was the last time you’ve seen your doctor,?” and “Who is your doctor?” Doubt me? I have an original copy of that assignment! By the way, that assignment was given without a parental signature.

Park City High School is collecting data from their students, and it is not random information, but – infact – DNA! A post on the Utahns Against Common Core website states, “The High School has apparently agreed to participate in a study where students will give DNA samples to a lab as an outbreak drill to test new lab equipment. The purpose is that in the future, they may want to determine how new H1N1 type diseases are spreading.” www.utahnsagainstcommoncore.com/?s=Park+City+data+collecting

These are only two of many examples concerning data collecting! This information is right under the noses of parents, and either they don’t recognize it, or won’t come forward because of fear. I know it’s intimidating, especially when you fear your child might be singled out and bullied – but can you imagine if those who are silent all took a step forward, how much pressure could be applied to make changes! You can read more about the data collecting here: whatiscommoncore.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/schools-are-sharing-private-information-via-slds-and-p-20-statefederal-systems/

Michelle also references- the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Most parents don’t know that this law exists, nor would they know that there are two versions: Federal FERPA laws and Utah FERPA laws. In the middle of President Obama’s first term, Federal FERPA laws were changed without Congressional consent. Under the direction of his administration, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan amended some of the National FERPA laws, so that the National “student longitudinal data system” could acquire the data they need.

President Barack Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

President Barack Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

I’ve copied some of the more pertinent points from the document, below. Every parent should be aware of FERPA and so I’ve provided the link here: www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2011-12-02/html/2011-30683.htm

“SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On April 8, 2011, the Department published a notice of proposed rule-making (NPRM) in the Federal Register (76 FR 19726). In the preamble to the NPRM, the Secretary stated that the proposed changes were necessary to ensure the Department’s proper implementation of FERPA, while allowing for the effective use of student data, and to address other issues identified through the Department’s experience in administering FERPA.

“Protecting student privacy is paramount to the effective implementation of FERPA. All education data holders must act responsibly and be held accountable for safeguarding students’ personally identifiable information (PII) from education records. The need for clarity surrounding privacy protections and data security continues to grow as statewide longitudinal data systems (SLDS) are built and more education records are digitized and shared electronically. As States develop and refine their information management systems, it is critical that they take steps to ensure that student information is protected and that PII from education records is disclosed only for authorized purposes and under circumstances permitted by law. (When we use the term “disclose” in this document, we sometimes are referring to redisclosures as well.)

“The amendments reflected in these final regulations establish the procedures that State and local educational authorities, and Federal agencies headed by officials listed in Sec. 99.31(a)(3) (FERPA-permitted entities), their authorized representatives, and organizations conducting studies must follow to ensure compliance with FERPA. The amendments also reduce barriers that have inhibited the effective use of SLDS as envisioned in the America Creating Opportunities to Meaningfully Promote Excellence in Technology, Education, and Science Act (the America COMPETES Act) (Pub. L. 110-69) and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) (Pub. L. 111-5). Finally, by expanding the requirements for written agreements and the Department’s enforcement mechanisms, the amendments help to ensure increased accountability on the part of those with access to PII from education records.

“These amendments include definitions for two previously undefined terms, “authorized representative” and “education program,” to permit greater access by appropriate and authorized parties to information on students in order to evaluate the effectiveness of education programs. Specifically, we have modified the definition of and requirements related to “directory information” to clarify (1) that the right to opt out of the disclosure of directory information under FERPA does not include the right to refuse to wear, or otherwise disclose, a student identification (ID) card or badge; (2) that schools may implement a limited directory information policy in which they specify the parties or purposes for which the information is disclosed; and (3) the Department’s authority to hold State educational authorities and other recipients of Department funds under a program administered by the Secretary accountable for compliance with FERPA.

“We believe that the regulatory changes adopted in these final regulations provide clarification on many important issues that have arisen over time with regard to how FERPA applies to SLDS and to other requests for data on student progress.”

Again, I remind the public that these changes were made without Congressional oversight! Are you awake yet?
Duncan Obama2
The nail in the coffin for all this hard work is the Student Longitudinal Data System (SLDS). Utah was given a $9.2 million federal grant for helping to set up the State SLDS! John Brandt is the Technology Director and IT Coordinator for the Utah Department of Education. Mr. Brandt has been building this data system in congruency with the federal government’s help for over 18 months. At an Education Committee meeting I attended, he stated that he was almost finished with building the structure to maintain future, incoming data. He also stated that he hoped the legislature would continue to fund this “valuable tool” after the federal grant had expired. I was skeptical of Mr. Brandt’s statement that data would not be shared outside of Utah. Oh really? Then what strings are attached to the $9.2 million dollars? And why are the remaining 49 States creating similar systems? You can read the full account of the meeting here: whatiscommoncore.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/qa-on-common-core-historic-3-hour-legislative-committee-meeting/

Governor Gary Herbert

Governor Gary Herbert

So, with all this careful planning and implementation, why and for whom is all this information being gathered? That explanation could go on forever, but I will focus on Governor Herbert’s program of Prosperity 2020 and President Obama’s 2020 educational goals. They are in alignment and not by accident. Since American citizens have been taxed to the max, what better way to generate more money than to create Public- Private Partnerships (PPP). “This ‘paradigm,’ of course, is that of sustainable development, which combines the power of the purse,one might call it, with the power of the sword. The resources of business (the power of the purse) are utilized to do the work of “governance” (the power of the sword)—with the former’s full cooperation and support.” (from a white paper published by the Liberty Garden, entitled “Public-Private Partnerships, the undermining of free enterprise, and the emergence of soft fascism” files.meetup.com/1387375/LIBERTYGARDEN-PPP.pdf}

So now you have the formula: Federal and State Data Collecting – FERPA laws + PPP = a government-created workforce of our children for the use of enterprise!

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Unions, Government help to bring down the Capitalist System

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Unions and Governments at all levels have all played a huge role in bringing down the Capitalist system as we know it. Union teamsters came out yesterday fictionally surprised about the high costs that the Obamacare legislation would impose on companies providing healthcare insurance. Can you see the outrageous satire of the Union bosses holding their hands up to their chins, eyes wide “saying oh no, how did this happen? All those promises made to our workers!” Its a bad scene from a British comedy! And while the sarcasm is just oozing forth, those union members, most of whom are either liberal leaning or very weak moderates, walking around oblivious to the situation.

Earlier this week reports came out that Union membership is down to 1930 levels. That’s a major hit to the Democrat party pocketbooks! Last week unemployment claims rose to 368,000. How many of those newly unemployed are/were union employed? www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-01-31/jobless-claims-in-u-s-increased-38-000-last-week-to-368-000.html

With less money out there to pay for the rising health insurance costs, companies are either a) dumping the worker or b) dumping the health coverage. Both of these actions result in forcing the average worker to become a ward of the state, putting even more pressure on a single payer system! This is right out of the Progressive play book! Play concerned, than dumb, then the “I have no choice” hand. Its a piece of work right out of Hollywood and Americans fall into the stupidity as recently as the healthcare debate back in 2009-10 and during the 2012 election and their doing it again with gun control.

Guess what’s next! Teachers! Our teachers are so underpaid that its now become a crisis, and yet its been a crisis in Utah for what seems like forever! Its a never ending issue. And healthcare coverage will not lesson that urgency. Yes, teachers do take on a load of burden by unreasonable proportions! They have parents, students and administrators all telling them what to do, how to act and what to teach. There are good teachers out there, even great teachers. But the individual teachers is being raked through the coals. Now their pay will become an even bigger crisis should the State find out how much more their health insurance is going to cost. Our taxes will necessarily have to go up to cover our teacher’s healthcare!

More taxes placed on us means less money for ourselves and our own healthcare, which will bring down the whole capitalist system. The burden will be so great, that in the end not even the government will be able to sustain the types of life styles that Americans have come to depend on to maintain a higher average of life expectancy! Who needs death panels when all they’d have to do is over whelm the system so much, that doctors quit, hospitals close, and we now depend on China for healthcare.

Seem outrageous? I don’t think so. Look at Europe, particularly France (who recently declared bankruptcy) and Greece, who’s citizens are begging for the stimulus money to stop coming in so that they can rebuild from scratch! Capitalism is being destroyed all around the world! Food is being with held; yesterday I read an article of Venezuela not having enough flour for bakeries throughout the country. A “Labor conflict” aka Union conflict and government standing in the way of commerce are the cause sited. Customers are being rationed to 2 50lb bags of flour a day, no more. Private bakeries are barely keeping their doors opened. www.washingtonpost.com/business/while-venezuela-tries-to-fight-shortages-lack-of-flour-leaving-some-bakeries-without-bread/2013/01/30/3783c0bc-6b28-11e2-9a0b-db931670f35d_story.html

The elitists’ plan to destroying capitalism is working. We need to stop pretending that we’ve been out of the “greatest recession since the Great Depression”. What a bill of goods the government has sold us. Republicans are worse than the Democrats, I feel, in that they knowing lead a group of freedom loving, peaceful people to slaughter with their compromises. Although those people are not blameless, they did not get elected by the people to protect our rights, and thus a higher responsibility is placed on the elected official, so help them, God!

The only way I see that our communities are going to survive this is get together without the governments help and set up “what if” plans of action. We have to know who are neighbors and community neighbors are. With regret we can no longer help kids in Africa, or even the homeless here at home. We have to strengthen our own homes first before we can help others, or we will all be at the mercy of tyranny.

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Utah Auditor Elect, John Dougall asks for Resignations and hints of Things to Come

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John Dougall, Utah Auditor Elect

On Tuesday morning of this week Utah Auditor Elect, John Dougall sent out a letter requesting the resignation from all current Audit staff and asked them to reapply for their jobs.  I could not put my readers at a disadvantage by providing  only snippets of the letter, so I provided it in its entirety below:

“Dear State Auditor Staff,

Thank you for your years of service. You have demonstrated your desire to ensure proper financial and regulatory oversight of state revenues and federal funds. I’d like to express my appreciation for your service.

As many of your know, I have been working with members of my transition team to quickly move through the transition process. I have also dedicated several days to meeting with the many auditors and administrative staff within the Office of the State Auditor.

I hope you will view this transition effort as a necessary examination of the office’s operations. It is a healthy process to reevaluate direction and approach. I have appreciated the opportunity for you to tell me what you’re proud of and where you think we can improve.

As I work to build my team, I will look to balance individuals with fresh, new ideas with others who have the wisdom that comes with experience in the trenches. With a new administration comes change. Some may hope to continue their public service in the Auditor’s office. Others may use their experience to explore new adventures elsewhere, while some have already announced their retirement after decades of dedicated service. These changes are a necessary adjustment of course, placing more emphasis in areas and strategy that I believe are central to my vision.

To address these changes I am requesting that all appointed staff within the State Auditor’s office submit their resignation effective January 6, 2013 and that you reapply for service with the new administration. I am advised that this is a “best practice” for such a transition between administrations.

Please submit your resignation letter to the office¹s HR administrator (Maria Fandl) as well as your indication whether to be considered for reappointment. Your prompt assistance will help accelerate reappointment notifications. It is my intent to announce most staffing decisions no later than 5pm on December 11th in order to allow adequate time for any necessary transitions for you personally. This timeline assumes that I have received all letters by 9am on December 11th.

Again, thank you for your service.

Best regards,

John Dougall
State Auditor-Elect”

In a conversation with Daniel Burton of “Publius Online”   Dougall told him ” that he had spent the past 2 weeks interviewing almost everyone in the office, as well as a group of auditors assisting with an outside assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the offices audit methodologies. Of the appointed staffers, 88% requested consideration for reappointment and 76% of those were immediately offered appointments.”  publiusonline.com/

This action alone is very promising of things to come from the State Auditors offices.

To show another example of Mr Dougall’s tenacity,  he  posted this on his facebook page on Monday:  ” Decided to crash the Weber Co Mosquito Abatement District board meeting and party tonight. Here’s what I noted: (1) public meeting was improperly noticed, (2) agenda did not provide sufficient specificity as required by law, (3) meeting was held at a restaurant with no planned seating for members of the public to attend, (4) minutes from previous board meeting provided insufficient clarity regarding action taken, (5) wondering why there was almost $4K expended in petty cash for a single month (for an entity with only a $1.55M annual budget), and (6) wondered about the necessity and propriety of a fancy holiday dinner for board trustees and guests at taxpayer expense. Got lots of questioning looks and stares as people wondered who I was and why I was there. There was no opportunity for public comment.”

As a citizen of Utah I am beyond pleased that the voters got this one right!  In an era of closed door negotiations, and politicians’ noses rising ever higher up into the wind as they believe they are elevated to some sort of hierarchy status, John Dougall is a refreshing and much needed character in State Politics.  No longer will government entities get away with spending to their hearts content.  We didn’t elect “Frugal Dougall” for nothing!

Mr. Dougall has been in the Utah State Legislature for 10 years prior to his running for State Auditor this year and was counted as one of the most Conservative.  I was able to get to know him personally on several occasions, having great conversations about the lack of oversight of government spending, especially when it came to education and local school districts.

Mr. Dougall  has also been very gracious to me as I would ask him questions at random meetings and would take time to talk with me.  His accessibility,  forwardness, and transparency sets him apart from a lot of the Utah State leadership and that should be scaring a lot of government “entitled” programs and divisions that, for at least the last 10 years,  has gotten away with a lot of over spending.

Utahns are very much looking forward to seeing what Mr. Dougall uncovers in the next couple years.  It should be good!

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Snow and Economic Avalanche Warnings for this Winter!

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In our Utah mountains, Ski Patrols go out checking the slopes for loose snow.  Conditions could be just right, soft and powdery,  ready for skiers and snow boarders to get their rush of speed!  Or the conditions could be very deceiving and dangerous.  One sound or slight of pressure could set off a wall of thunderous snow, cascading to the lowest part of the valley.

The National Snow and Ice Data Center (Yes, there is tax money being spent on studying snow!) has provided an excellent visionary of an avalanche:  nsidc.org/cryosphere/snow/science/avalanches.html

An avalanche has three main parts. The starting zone is the most volatile area of a slope, where unstable snow can fracture from the surrounding snow cover and begin to slide. Typical starting zones are higher up on slopes. However, given the right conditions, snow can fracture at any point on the slope.

Annotated avalanche trackThe three parts of an avalanche path are the starting zone, avalanche track, and runout zone. (Larger image not available)
—Credit: Betsy Armstrong

The avalanche track is the path or channel that an avalanche follows as it goes downhill. Large vertical swaths of trees missing from a slope or chute-like clearings are often signs that large avalanches run frequently there, creating their own tracks. There may also be a large pile-up of snow and debris at the bottom of the slope, indicating that avalanches have run.

The runout zone is where the snow and debris finally come to a stop. Similarly, this is also the location of the deposition zone, where the snow and debris pile the highest.

Several factors may affect the likelihood of an avalanche, including weather, temperature, slope steepness, slope orientation (whether the slope is facing north or south), wind direction, terrain, vegetation, and general snowpack conditions. Different combinations of these factors can create low, moderate, or extreme avalanche conditions. Some of these conditions, such as temperature and snowpack, can change on a daily or hourly basis.”

On Friday, (R) Senator Mike Lee from Utah brought to the attention that though there is a fiscal cliff, no one is paying attention to the Financial Avalanche that will happen once the economy falls and hits the ground!  What will be the “starting zone” that is the beginning of a deadly snow ball? You can read Senator Lee’s opinion piece, published in the Washington Times, here:  www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/nov/23/after-fiscal-cliff-comes-fiscal-avalanche/

We could speculate what could be the first to hit would be student loans, consumer debt.  Or, could it be as simple as the over regulation that causes businesses to stop hiring, firing of employees.  Could it be the quantitative easing #3, the unlimited amounts of money being printed to make up for those funds that are being hoarded away by big companies, and the small individual for that rainy day?  Could it be the all important Government Debt Bubble that pops and sends the avalanche rushing down?

National Debt: $16,297,155,000,000 +
Debt Per Citizen: $15, 761
Debt Per Taxpayer: $141,973 – As of 12:30 pm MT on 11/28/2012

The national debt stands at over $16 Trillion dollars and counting!  By the end of 2012 $1089 Billion will have been added to that debt, with $.40 of ever dollar having been borrowed.  President Obama wants to fix that by spending more money!  Does that even make sense?  It did to the 50% of the citizens who voted for Obama.  What about the Adjustable-Rate Debt that the government holds?  The US is the largest adjustable rate holder in the world!  According to the U.S Treasury the average majority of all the debt is 4.3 years.  By the end of this year the U.S interest on debt currently being held will be $359,796,008,919.49, that’s capital “B” in Billion dollars on top of the $16 Trillion dollars.  For 2013 the added interest is expected to be $12,922,741,407.27.  Who else is sick, besides me?  www.treasurydirect.gov/govt/reports/ir/ir_expense.htm

Senator Lee is exactly right in declaring an avalanche warning!  Our economy could come to a stand still, worse than the week following 9/11.  Senator Lee, Senator Rand Paul- KY, and Senator Pat Toomey – PA have all submitted bills that would balance the budget.  President Obama has submitted budget proposals that weres given 0 (zero) votes in the past 2 years.  Senator Harry Reid and the Democrats haven’t submitted a thing, except to propose raising taxes on those that already pay 40% of the tax revue collected.  That’s not nearly enough to solve this crisis!  The words “Mayday, Mayday, Incoming” is all I hear when it comes to the approach of January 1!

Democrats and Republicans solutions of raising taxes, without severe cuts in spending are just making the problem worse and in fact playing Economic Russian Roulette with the lives of citizens.  TARP 1 and 2 haven’t worked!  Americans have been asked to give their fair share.  I think we have, short of giving our piddly savings, which the Government has said they want to tax next!

Who knows what will be in the pile at in the “run-out zone”.  I can guess more than empty businesses and mass confusion!  I hate to even mention it, but death could also be found.  Democrats and moderate, negotiating Republicans need to get their heads out of their lucrative positions and start practicing what they preach.  Otherwise they will have their reputations forever linked to the down fall of America and her citizens!


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The Confusion of the RFID Chip Provision

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Data sharing  is not unusual.  We share our knowledge all the time to anyone willing to listen.  We allow data sharing all the time from our bank accounts when we shop to our Doctors referring us to specialists, even the educators that our children come in contact with share bits and pieces of data.

RFID chips are not that unusual either.  They are in the boxes we ship, the bar codes of items that we buy, in our credit cards, our drivers’ licenses and in the passports we use.   Chips are in our Michelin tires.  We’ve been secure in knowing our dogs and cats can be returned to us, should they ever get lost.  And how about tracking the amount of sheep and cows and their health, when a farmer brings them in for any type of maintenance.  RFID chips have proven to be useful and more effective with keeping data.

But now the fear is that the government has hinted about implementing RFID’s into humans.  There are a lot of articles out there saying that the rumor of having RFID chips implanted in humans come March 23rd, is true.  And there are others saying that the rumor is false.

Snopes and FactCheck.org has said that the rumor is false.   Below is what FactCheck has posted on its site back in 2010:

“Will the law require all patients to be implanted with microchips?

No. Nothing like this appears in the new law, or in any of the bills that Congress considered. This claim stems from a wild misinterpretation of a provision in the original House leadership’s bill (H.R. 3200) that did not require implantation of anything, and that was, in any case, not part of the final legislation. The part of the original House leadership’s bill that’s usually referenced to support this rather paranoid claim actually would have set up a registry for class III medical devices and class II devices that are “implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining.” The Federal Drug Administration’s classifications determine how much oversight and regulation the device has — class III devices (such as, for example, replacement heart valves or artificial hips) need pre-market FDA approval; class I devices (like x-ray film or tongue depressors) need only general quality controls. Class II devices, which need to meet performance standards but don’t need pre-market approval, cover a wide range — blood pressure cuffs are class II, but so are cerebral shunts. That’s why the bill specified implantable, life-supporting and life-sustaining devices.

But the bill did not mandate implantable devices of any kind, least of all microchips. Rather, it said that implantable devices will be registered so that physicians can access data about safety and effectiveness in a way that “protects patient privacy and proprietary information.” And again, it didn’t become law.” www.factcheck.org/2010/04/more-malarkey-about-health-care/

In the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, an RFID chip would be categorized as a class II devise, but nowhere in the law does it state specifically “radio frequency identification chips.”  In the “Compilation of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of the 111th Congress, as amended through May 1, 2010, did not show any reference to microchip implants.  housedocs.house.gov/energycommerce/ppacacon.pdf

The FDA has come out and said that “RFID technology has many applications for health care. For example, RFID can potentially improve patient safety. …  However, RFID emissions also have the potential to affect electronic medical devices. To date, FDA has received no reports of injuries resulting from RFID. But preliminary FDA testing has shown that some RFID emitters potentially could slow the rate of pacemakers or cause implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) to deliver inappropriate shocks. Other electronic medical devices could also react inappropriately in the presence of RFID.”  www.fda.gov/RadiationEmittingProducts/RadiationSafety/ElectromagneticCompatibilityEMC/ucm116647.htm

Most recently in the news we have heard of the student being suspended for refusing the RFID tracking card.  Northside Independent School District started this school year with two of its campuses to try the system out.  One student, refused, citing religious reasons and was eventually suspended from school.   The District on the other had  “said the Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) tags would improve safety by allowing them to locate students — and count them more accurately at the beginning of the school day to help offset cuts in state funding, which is partly based on attendance.”  More stories of RFID chips being used can be found here:  www.pakalertpress.com/2012/03/30/micro-chipping-agenda-rfid-chips-are-being-implemented/

So how does the educational use of RFIDS and medical RFIDs tie in together?  Its all about the money.  Follow the money, someone once told me and you’ll discover a wealth of information.  It is all about cost effectiveness and productivity.  I would start with the manufacturers:  Verichip is one company that makes microchip implants.  UMP Rafsec is another, along with Alien Technology, Avery Dennison, Confidex, Impinj, Intermec, Invengo, Metalcraft, Motorola, Omni-ID, SMARTRAC, WaveTrend, and Zebra.  You can bet many more will show up on the market as people aka sheep, believe that RFID chips are mandatory.  I would watch the stocks as March 23rd gets closer.  If I had more time I’d research the owners of these companies and see who they are affiliated with.  Again, follow the money.

RFID chips at this moment in time, is not mandatory, but just as getting a Social Security number was an open invitation back in 1935, (now you have to have a SSN to get a paycheck.), so is the invite to get microchipped today, and it soon will switch over to being a prerequisite to attend a public school, or receive healthcare services at a hospital.  The convenience of swiping your wrist over a scanner to pay for groceries will eliminate the need for your purse or wallet.   As far as I can tell those that take part of Medicaid or Medicare will be required to participate.  The  Medcaid Managment Information System is a great place to start.  www.medicaid.gov/Medicaid-CHIP-Program-Information/By-Topics/Data-and-Systems/MMIS.html

Why collect all this data on every citizen?  Its all in the name of cost effectiveness.  If the liver transplant is too expensive, don’t do it.  That person would die anyway.  If a child shows skills in mechanics, great he’ll be shipped out to a factory.  The program for that is Prosperity 2020.  There are no names associated with the individuals, just numbers, most attached with dollar signs.  It sounds like a horrific Sci-Fi movie doesn’t it.  I don’t think the Jewish people walking and slaving away in Azweiz or Buchenwald Concentration Camps, would think it was a movie; they lived it.

And yet already educated, 1st world citizens of Utah have already opted to have an RFID implant; an assigned number that links to a lot of private information.   I have a girlfriend who came to me scared after having her daycare provider tell her that come March 23, her son would need a chip to attend.  I called my personal doctor’s office and the woman who answered the phone knew nothing about it.  I know that my community’s school district has purchased a $90,000 GPS tracking unit that would also track RFID cards for students.  The Jordan School District sites the same reason as the TX District did; security and more efficient attendance keeping.

Keep a look out for clinics to come into your schools ; that is the efficiency of Agenda 21.  They want to combine the records so that your child’s information is all under one number.  Be wary of computers coming into your homes for free from the schools.  I was told by a Park City School Administrator that they can see everything your student sees, and can turn on the camera remotely, for safety reasons.  She had to leave before I could question further.

The complicated system of having records scattered all over the place is not working for elitists who have big plans in destroying America and developing a One World Order.  Individuals, who dare to dream on their own and create their own pursuit of happiness, get in the way of global progress and adds to the unbalancing of environmental progress.  According to elitists its about saving the planet, not saving the world, but only for the elite to live on.

If this was a fictional novel I’d make millions!  But truth is stranger than fiction and very few will buy the truth, even with the evidence to prove it!

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The Twinkie Defense

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I am concerned that no one of the brilliant minds that I know out there,  have not openly put two and two together with this Twinkie deal!  Feel free to correct me if I am wrong:

1)  The number one visitor to the White House is Richard Trumpka – AFL-CIO President of the biggest Union in the nation.

2) Michelle Obama has her ‘Let’s Move’ campaign and has rearranged our children’s lunches to meet her definition of healthy = low calories, no sugar, little fat, lots of broccoli and carrots.

3) The Confectionery, Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers International Union is the Union that represented  Hostess workers and is affiliated with AFL-CIO.

Trumpka has come out and said that this fiscal cliff is a “manufactured crisis.’  Why would he put at risk all his beloved followers who rely on Trumpka in keeping their jobs if he didn’t believe in the economy down fall we are facing?  AFL-CIO is just an elitists organization stroking those less fortunate with comfort and ideology that everything is all right.  With education having dumbed down the citizens for generations, they are buying his garbage hook line and sinker.

What helped the down fall of Hostess the 2 previous bankruptcies and an insane amount of chemicals that helped get an insanity plea and could survive a nuclear bomb.  The Capitalist system was working to bring this company down.  However it was the Unions and Government that ultimately closed Hostess’s doors.    It kind of gives off that feeling that big brother stepped into the people’s fight when it wasn’t needed or wanted!

But alas Big Brother stepped in the fight and now the Socialistic Society grows ever more, with now 18.500 people out of work with no healthcare and no way to pay the rent as I am sure I can bet that there isn’t any life savings in the group.  Instead of an 8% paycut, pride and creed set in.  Didn’t the President say that “we all must do our fair share?”

If its not the perfect job than its not a job worth having, according to the Unions.  They’d rather have their workers dependent on the State than on some filthy, low down, routine, rich guy that runs a business and can provide jobs.

On a side note, notice that in the news this week how Papa Murphy’s was also targeted.    Goodbye American junk food staples, hello government bread lines!

This was such perfect planning its ridiculous and no one is calling out on it!  And the right is playing along with the plan.

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