Socialized Food Program done… Now on to Guns!

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"Please, sir, I want some more." - Oliver Twist by Charles Dickons

“Please, sir, I want some more.” – Oliver Twist by Charles Dickons

First Lady Michelle Obama has successfully gone after the breakfast and lunches given to our school children via the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. Smaller portions, healthier choices and yet our children come home starving, running straight for the refrigerator and pantry. Are your children healthier, happier and wise? Socialism is making that promise as specifically laid out in the declaration below.

And now that the food in the schools has been taken care of, today it was announced that Mrs. Obama is moving on to gun control. According to the Washington Post “First lady Michelle Obama, with tears in her eyes and her voice cracking, spoke out for the first time here Wednesday about the gun violence afflicting young people in cities across the nation.” Oh can you feel that empathy? Its just oozing out! While Obama is claiming that he could have been Trayvon Martin, 35 years ago, nothing is mentioned how 2013 is out pacing 2012 in the number of murders in Chicago, or that Detroit is 11 times more violent than New York City. ( I’m going to pause for a moment to share some inconvenient facts: In Obama’s book “Dreams from My Father” he admitted to taking drugs and that high school was a “blur.” Trayvon Martin’s body was found to have traces of marijuana in his blood and urine. If those are the only two comparisons between the two than the President may have a point, hence the empathy from Mrs. Obama. Also, both Chicago and Detroit are being managed by Democrats. Just sayin’.)

Another thought: if Mrs. Obama’s crusade to help kids be healthy and hunger free are producing the opposite affect, wouldn’t her new project to keep kids safe with gun control kill more children thru the hands of criminals who don’t acknowledge moral laws? The Federal government would have you believe otherwise, because they say so. Time will tell, unless you study history and human nature.

July 11, 2013

The Honorable Debbie Stabenow
The Honorable Thad Cochran
Ranking Member
Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry
United States Senate

The Honorable John Kline
The Honorable George Miller
Ranking Member
Committee on Education and the Workforce
House of Representatives

Subject: Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service: National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program: Nutrition Standards for All Foods Sold in School as Required by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010

Pursuant to section 801(a)(2)(A) of title 5, United States Code, this is our report on a major rule promulgated by the Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), entitled “National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program: Nutrition Standards for All Foods Sold in School as Required by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010” (RIN: 0584-AE09). We received the rule on June 28, 2013. It was published in the Federal Register as an interim final rule on June 28, 2013. 78 Fed. Reg. 39,068.

The interim final rule amends the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program regulations to establish nutrition standards for all foods sold in schools, other than food sold under the lunch and breakfast programs. Amendments made by section 208 of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 (HHFKA) require the Secretary of Agriculture to establish nutrition standards for such foods, consistent with the most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and directs the Secretary to consider authoritative scientific recommendations for nutrition standards; existing school nutrition standards, including voluntary standards for beverages and snack foods; current state and local standards; the practical application of the nutrition standards; and special exemptions for infrequent school-sponsored fundraisers (other than fundraising through vending machines, school stores, snack bars, à la carte sales, and any other exclusions determined by the Secretary). In addition, this interim final rule requires schools participating in the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program to make potable water available to children at no charge in the place where lunches are served during the meal service, consistent with amendments made by section 203 of the HHFKA, and in the cafeteria during breakfast meal service. This interim final rule is expected to improve the health and well-being of the Nation’s children, increase consumption of healthful foods during the school day, and create an environment that reinforces the development of healthy eating habits. The stated effective date for this final rule is August 27, 2013, and state agencies, local educational agencies, and school food authorities must implement the potable water provisions no later than August 27, 2013, and all other provisions of the interim final rule must be implemented beginning on July 1, 2014.

Enclosed is our assessment of FNS’s compliance with the procedural steps required by section 801(a)(1)(B)(i) through (iv) of title 5 with respect to the rule. Our review of the procedural steps taken indicates that FNS complied with the applicable requirements.

If you have any questions about this report or wish to contact GAO officials responsible for the evaluation work relating to the subject matter of the rule, please contact Shirley A. Jones, Assistant General Counsel, at (202) 512-8156.


Robert J. Cramer
Managing Associate General Counsel

Bold type added for emphasis.

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An Undocumented Goal: Global Citizenship

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globalcitizenshipHidden deep within the Common Core State Standards is a goal to teach children that there is no such thing as a boarder defining a country. We are global citizens that accept each other, our cultures, beliefs, educational goals and economic prosperity for the benefit of the world we live in.

In the news, we have seen reports of parents finding assignments that require students to denounce rights provided by the Constitution, to step on Christian leadership, and to write essays about why Jews are evil. Teachers are being fired for being religious or conservative. Censorship is now public enemy number one against anyone or any ideology that is against this new reform of education known as Common Core.

Socialism is being heralded as the way to make things equal, so that no poverty exists. A redistribution of wealth! The phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child,” has evolved into a collective movement where children now belong to the community, or even to the world as a whole. President Obama’s own Department of Justice has declared that children do not need a mother or a father, helping to further the mentality of collective possession!

I was asked by Utah State Board of Education member Tami Pyfer “where exactly does it say in the standardsTamiPyfer that global citizenship was the goal?” I didn’t respond right away as I had several questions for her 1) Haven’t you read the standards and the resources that you send to your teachers? 2) If Utah is claiming that “-Utah Common Core Standards-” are not national standards, why does she get jumpy when I talk about the National Common Core Standards?

Also I wanted to give a her clear answer for all to read!

Let me begin with a personal story. My oldest daughter was planning out her courses out for winter semester last fall. Together we spoke with a U.S. History teacher and I asked him directly how he would be teaching this class. He told me that he would provide documents and he would engage the students in discussions about these documents. You can imagine my eyebrows going up “Oh, really?”

I asked him how the students and my child were supposed to know the history or the story of those documents? He said the students would have to do the research on their own. That was part of the standards which would required students to come to their own conclusion about the documents and history. I was polite in thanking him for his time, but was screaming inside my head, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” And that was the end of that class for us!

Informational texts without the story will not provide the vision that our Founders’ had of freedom! Informational texts will not tell the stories of emotional hardship, triumphs, sacrifice, service, bravery, and torture that countless individuals endured for us to have the freedom of choice, voice, and pursuit of happiness! Informational text was a goal of Karl Marx. Eliminate emotion, passion, and conviction, and there is nothing for which to fight. Words are just words.

In Education Week, a column was entitled, “Common Core: Preparing Globally Competent Citizens.” This statement says it all. “The Common Core State Standards for English language arts include a series of statements that, while not directly standards themselves, offer a portrait of the capacities of literate students who meet the Standards. One of these seven statements directly addresses the importance of college and career ready students coming ‘to understand other perspectives and cultures’.” The statement continues, “Students appreciate that the twenty-first-century classroom and workplace are settings in which people from often widely divergent cultures and who represent diverse experiences and perspectives must learn and work together. Students actively seek to understand other perspectives and cultures through reading and listening, and they are able to communicate effectively with people of varied backgrounds.”

Is that not the end goal for the government? To provide citizens who know nothing about borders, who accept everyone’s values and cultures, who accept no one culture as superior to another? There is are already fears of a collapsing dollar leading to a global currency. Education would be the means to teach the future residents of this new governance!

On another website, New Global Citizens, it states, “Teaching global competency falls in line quite seamlessly with the Common Core State Standards.” How can that statement be dismissed so casually by those in leadership? People who believe in global citizenship can see it in the writings! I can see it in the writings, why can’t leadership?

And if those two links still don’t show the intent of Common Core to lead our children away from American values and citizenship, then perhaps the International Baccalaureate official documents will persuade:

The IB prepares students to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

• More than a set of rigorous academic standards,
• Emphasizes an education for global engagement,
• Provides a Balance between the skills required to succeed in a competitive, global economy and the values that define responsible, global citizenship.

“The IB applauds the efforts of the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of
Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) to improve the quality of education across the United States through the Common Core State Standards initiative (CCSS).

“The IB shares with the U.S. Department of Education and its state agencies the important goals of developing internationally benchmarked standards and the ambition to better prepare all students for success in college and career development.”

The IB is pleased to have been selected in 2011 as one of 5 sets of standards against which the Common Core was measured by education experts to determine its success in meeting its goals.”

Make no mistake, IB standards are aligned with Common Core State Standards by design! Global citizenry and governance is the goal. American values will no longer be taught as goals for the future, but as theories of the past.

For more evidence :
National Association of Secondary School Principles

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The Confusion of the RFID Chip Provision

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Data sharing  is not unusual.  We share our knowledge all the time to anyone willing to listen.  We allow data sharing all the time from our bank accounts when we shop to our Doctors referring us to specialists, even the educators that our children come in contact with share bits and pieces of data.

RFID chips are not that unusual either.  They are in the boxes we ship, the bar codes of items that we buy, in our credit cards, our drivers’ licenses and in the passports we use.   Chips are in our Michelin tires.  We’ve been secure in knowing our dogs and cats can be returned to us, should they ever get lost.  And how about tracking the amount of sheep and cows and their health, when a farmer brings them in for any type of maintenance.  RFID chips have proven to be useful and more effective with keeping data.

But now the fear is that the government has hinted about implementing RFID’s into humans.  There are a lot of articles out there saying that the rumor of having RFID chips implanted in humans come March 23rd, is true.  And there are others saying that the rumor is false.

Snopes and has said that the rumor is false.   Below is what FactCheck has posted on its site back in 2010:

“Will the law require all patients to be implanted with microchips?

No. Nothing like this appears in the new law, or in any of the bills that Congress considered. This claim stems from a wild misinterpretation of a provision in the original House leadership’s bill (H.R. 3200) that did not require implantation of anything, and that was, in any case, not part of the final legislation. The part of the original House leadership’s bill that’s usually referenced to support this rather paranoid claim actually would have set up a registry for class III medical devices and class II devices that are “implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining.” The Federal Drug Administration’s classifications determine how much oversight and regulation the device has — class III devices (such as, for example, replacement heart valves or artificial hips) need pre-market FDA approval; class I devices (like x-ray film or tongue depressors) need only general quality controls. Class II devices, which need to meet performance standards but don’t need pre-market approval, cover a wide range — blood pressure cuffs are class II, but so are cerebral shunts. That’s why the bill specified implantable, life-supporting and life-sustaining devices.

But the bill did not mandate implantable devices of any kind, least of all microchips. Rather, it said that implantable devices will be registered so that physicians can access data about safety and effectiveness in a way that “protects patient privacy and proprietary information.” And again, it didn’t become law.”

In the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, an RFID chip would be categorized as a class II devise, but nowhere in the law does it state specifically “radio frequency identification chips.”  In the “Compilation of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of the 111th Congress, as amended through May 1, 2010, did not show any reference to microchip implants.

The FDA has come out and said that “RFID technology has many applications for health care. For example, RFID can potentially improve patient safety. …  However, RFID emissions also have the potential to affect electronic medical devices. To date, FDA has received no reports of injuries resulting from RFID. But preliminary FDA testing has shown that some RFID emitters potentially could slow the rate of pacemakers or cause implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) to deliver inappropriate shocks. Other electronic medical devices could also react inappropriately in the presence of RFID.”

Most recently in the news we have heard of the student being suspended for refusing the RFID tracking card.  Northside Independent School District started this school year with two of its campuses to try the system out.  One student, refused, citing religious reasons and was eventually suspended from school.   The District on the other had  “said the Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) tags would improve safety by allowing them to locate students — and count them more accurately at the beginning of the school day to help offset cuts in state funding, which is partly based on attendance.”  More stories of RFID chips being used can be found here:

So how does the educational use of RFIDS and medical RFIDs tie in together?  Its all about the money.  Follow the money, someone once told me and you’ll discover a wealth of information.  It is all about cost effectiveness and productivity.  I would start with the manufacturers:  Verichip is one company that makes microchip implants.  UMP Rafsec is another, along with Alien Technology, Avery Dennison, Confidex, Impinj, Intermec, Invengo, Metalcraft, Motorola, Omni-ID, SMARTRAC, WaveTrend, and Zebra.  You can bet many more will show up on the market as people aka sheep, believe that RFID chips are mandatory.  I would watch the stocks as March 23rd gets closer.  If I had more time I’d research the owners of these companies and see who they are affiliated with.  Again, follow the money.

RFID chips at this moment in time, is not mandatory, but just as getting a Social Security number was an open invitation back in 1935, (now you have to have a SSN to get a paycheck.), so is the invite to get microchipped today, and it soon will switch over to being a prerequisite to attend a public school, or receive healthcare services at a hospital.  The convenience of swiping your wrist over a scanner to pay for groceries will eliminate the need for your purse or wallet.   As far as I can tell those that take part of Medicaid or Medicare will be required to participate.  The  Medcaid Managment Information System is a great place to start.

Why collect all this data on every citizen?  Its all in the name of cost effectiveness.  If the liver transplant is too expensive, don’t do it.  That person would die anyway.  If a child shows skills in mechanics, great he’ll be shipped out to a factory.  The program for that is Prosperity 2020.  There are no names associated with the individuals, just numbers, most attached with dollar signs.  It sounds like a horrific Sci-Fi movie doesn’t it.  I don’t think the Jewish people walking and slaving away in Azweiz or Buchenwald Concentration Camps, would think it was a movie; they lived it.

And yet already educated, 1st world citizens of Utah have already opted to have an RFID implant; an assigned number that links to a lot of private information.   I have a girlfriend who came to me scared after having her daycare provider tell her that come March 23, her son would need a chip to attend.  I called my personal doctor’s office and the woman who answered the phone knew nothing about it.  I know that my community’s school district has purchased a $90,000 GPS tracking unit that would also track RFID cards for students.  The Jordan School District sites the same reason as the TX District did; security and more efficient attendance keeping.

Keep a look out for clinics to come into your schools ; that is the efficiency of Agenda 21.  They want to combine the records so that your child’s information is all under one number.  Be wary of computers coming into your homes for free from the schools.  I was told by a Park City School Administrator that they can see everything your student sees, and can turn on the camera remotely, for safety reasons.  She had to leave before I could question further.

The complicated system of having records scattered all over the place is not working for elitists who have big plans in destroying America and developing a One World Order.  Individuals, who dare to dream on their own and create their own pursuit of happiness, get in the way of global progress and adds to the unbalancing of environmental progress.  According to elitists its about saving the planet, not saving the world, but only for the elite to live on.

If this was a fictional novel I’d make millions!  But truth is stranger than fiction and very few will buy the truth, even with the evidence to prove it!

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A General Understanding of Common Core

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The following 5 videos cover a 30 minute run through of the Common Core State Standards.   To understand how it is affecting Utah I invite you to visit Common Core  3 Moms in Utah have put forth extensive research in finding the truth of Common Core.   They have provided excellent information and have been noted by some as leading the Nation in a grassroots effort to stop Common Core.

Another valuable website in Utah is “Utahans against Common Core” We ask that you sign the petition.  Currently there are over 2100 names, however that is not enough.  More parents need to know the harm that will be brought to their children if we continue to implement Common Core.

Common Core is a socialist program.  It combines other programs such as Agenda 21 and Obamacare.

Again I encourage and invite you to watch the videos below.





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Show me the money, County Mayor!

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Salt Lake County Mayor
Peter Corroon (D)

Yesterday Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon announced a proposal that would increase Salt Lake County residents’ taxes by $64.  That would only raise the income by $30.9 million!  In the Deseret News Corroon stated“If passed by the council, the increase would appear on tax bills beginning in November 2013. It would be the county’s first property tax increase since 2000.

Without the tax increase, Corroon said the county will be faced with major layoffs, the closure of facilities and a district attorney’s office that has to pick and choose which criminals to prosecute.

“As difficult as it is, when it’s time to raise taxes, it’s time to raise taxes,” he said, “and that time has come. This is the best way to keep our county government stable and operational.”

Iwas listening to KNRS and  heard  Mayor Corroon state that Salt Lake County has experienced a lot of growth and that we have developed a high quality life style that Salt Lake County needs to maintain, hence the proposed raise!

I am not a mathematician but doesn’t more people coming into our county mean more income?

Salt Lake Mayor Elect
Ben McAdams (D)

On November 6th Salt Lake County voted themselves a $46 million tax increase, (not me of course) to provide for yet another 3 parks and trails!  This sounds to me like Agenda 21 proposals!  For those that aren’t aware of what Agenda 21 is, it is a program under the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs: Division for Sustainable Development.  In short it is for depopulation, more parks, more open space, all in the name of protecting the environment.  There is much more to Agenda 21 but for this articles sake, I’ll stop there.

Apparently citizens have been coming to the county asking for more areas to play sports!  Well can’t we use our school property’s for that?  Aren’t public schools just that, public?  Or is the problem that we as a society become hopeful that our kids will become so talented that they rest their hopes on physical sport scholarships for college and not academic scholarships?  After all who needs a brain these days!

Also on November 6th, Salt Lake County voters ushered in Ben McAdams   as the next county mayor.  He  sat in on the meeting with Mayor Corroon, as this would affect his office next year.  During the same KNRS radio segment with Corroon, Mayor elect McAdams, said this was new to him and he’d have to take a serious look at the tax hike.  I do not believe that.  The Democrats first solution to money problems, is to raise taxes.  However to be fair, in the Deseret News piece McAdams stated “Anytime we’re looking at a tax increase, the first place we need to look is at efficiencies and cuts,” McAdams said. “Mayor Corroon, in his budget proposal, detailed some of the cuts that would be required to balance the budget, and he and the other elected officials determined that those cuts were too deep.”

But hold the presses, I found another interesting article in the Deseret News!  Exactly 11 months ago the headline printed was “A first: Property tax billings top $1B in Salt Lake County!”  Wow that should be great wonderful news!  And it was, fabulous news as Utah is struggling to pull through a recession that has lasted since ’08.  “Treasurer Wayne Cushing told the council his office sent out bills for $1,015,500,000 this year, up $24.5 million over 2010

So where is this money going?  That is the big question!  In going through 2011 Budegt Process for Fiscal 2012, there is one section that caught my eye: The Employee Service Reserve!  This portion of the budget provides County employees such benefits such as Statutory Benefits, Res-Early Retirment, Res- Wellness Program, and Res- Fitness Center.  The current Mayor proposed that budget for this one section: a whopping $97,239,041!  Wouldn’t this money be better spent on the parks and Rec centers!  That way we, the citizens of Salt Lake County,  wouldn’t have to pay twice for our government workers health!  (And thinking about it don’t we now pay for their health 3 times? Healthcare, County Health Wellness, and Rec. Centers?) I don’t know, it’s  just an observation!  And as far as early retirement, I believe the Obama health care mandate took care of that by limiting the work week to 30 hours, for all Americans.

I am sure more money could be shaved off the proposed budget for next year, especially now with yet another massive Recession coming upon us!  Peering off the tax cliff, the drop is much deeper than the 6000 foot drop in the deepest part of the Grand Canyon!

Perhaps I’m just a silly, selfish conservative trying to put more money in my pocket so that my kids can go to the zoo and museums!  With gas prices and taxes rising, I may have to tell my children that we’ll have plan another time.

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