Deneen Borelli is an amazing lady. Her biography even more so and her cause of reaching out to Black Conservatives is one of courage and deserves profound respect.

Deneen started out as a runway model, starring in commercials, as she worked her way, for 11 years to obtain her Bachelors degree. I see that in terms of ‘where there’s a will there’s a way,’ and she did it! Her corporate career started with Phillip Morris and headed in the direction to Produce and co-host a radio show called The ‘CORE’ Hour. (CORE stands for Congress of Racial Equality). Now she speaks to thousands whether is at tea party rallies, Fox News, “Hannity”, “O’Reilly”, or speaking with Glenn Beck, and on behalf of Freedom Works as Outreach Director, a grassroots organization that educates, trains and mobilizes volunteer activists to fight for limited government. Deneen is also the author of “Blacklash: How Obama and the Left are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation.” As one reviewer wrote Deneen “gives tough love” about what is going on in the black community, not only going after the Democrats, but Republicans as well.

The issue of race seems to be the last resort to go to when facts and truth cannot be argued against. Deneen Borelli’s grace and poise helps her to combat that. You can see that in the interview below.

She states it clearly “Being a black conservative, there are a lot of black conservatives who are afraid to be vocal about what they believe and their core values and where they stood politically and with the organization of Freedom Works and, which is really a community for black conservatives to meet and network, to get information, but its also a support system. So now I’m getting a lot of feedback from people who are now coming out of the closet, sort of speak, because they are not afraid and they feel they have backup.” Deneen goes on to reference a show with Sean Hannity and Black Conservatives. You can see that show below.

The immediate support that is needed, is that Deneen is pushing to get heard at the NAACP’s 104th Annual Convention “We Shall Not Be Moved” this weekend. Please go to and sign the petition and pass it on! Black Conservatives deserve to be heard! Their rights are just as important and silence is no longer an option! I’ve done it, and I hope you will join me!

I wish her prayers and Godspeed. She is going to need Heaven in fighting for the black conservatives’ voice, as we all are!