Alabama State Representative Jim Barton

Alabama State Representative Jim Barton

Current Alabama State Legislator Jim Barton (R) and two other Candidates running for office were asked about their views on the Common Core during a meeting. “The moderator denounced the Common Core State Standards, a set of uniform educational benchmarks established by the National Governors Association. The program’s stated goal is to “provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them.”

They have been adopted in 45 states, including Alabama. Would the candidates support a bill to withhold state funding from being used to comply with the program, effectively killing the initiative in the state?

Barton: He said that he supports the bill. The Common Core Standards “makes ’50 Shades of Grey’ look like a G book,” he said, referring to the book many derided as “mommy porn.” “We will fight hard to repeal that,” he said.

“There is nothing Christian about it, it’s a terrible thing.”

Two other conservatives that sat on the discussion gave equal compelling answers.

Bill Hightower: All education should be handled at a local level, he said. “They want to change how we view the family… I don’t want that top down approach.”

Nick Matranga: He said that the Common Core Standards “were hijacked by the Obama administration. They should be repealed and replaced with standards that reflect “The good Christian people” in Alabama.”

Nick Matranga: We improve education. Help coordinate with industry to produce skilled workers that are in demand.

If you know my stand at all about Common Core you know that the minute I came out of a 4 hour meeting on CC, I called up my husband and without hesitation or want of discussion, and told him we were taking our children out of public school and homeschooling them.

Since that time, over 2 years ago now, the more I learn about Common Core, the more grateful I am that my children are out of that system. I have posted on here about David Coleman and how he sees teaching informational text more important than classical literature. I watch as other children are taught to plan for a job and train for the future, instead of being raised as a individual with individual needs, wants and understandings.

Our children have been put on an assembly line, with no regard to God, country, or family. And that seems to be just fine, in a state that is heavily religious outside of the Southern Bible belt, which is baffling to me!

So now we have our dully deserved status as major hypocrites. Utah Legislators who hold positions in which they benefit from implementing Common Core, parents who know nothing of what is going on with the subtle innuendos of Common Core theology, Non partisan school boards that have no accountability and everyone is fine. Except when the current President speaks and his side kicks pass outrageous bills!

I have never read ’50 shades of Gray’ nor do I ever intend to. I consider those types of books a poison for my marriage and I respect my husband too much for reading such trash. But if what I have heard of the sleaziness is as bad as I have read about what the plans are for our children with Common Core Standards, I’m so glad that I have chosen to read pages that have helped me in saving my children’s minds from trash!