Senator Hatch votes ‘Yes’ to bring UN Treaty to floor

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Today in a scheduled vote to have the Senate vote on bringing the discussion of the United Nations Treaty on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, 61 Senators passed the measure.  Only 51 votes were required to have it pass.

So out of  curiosity I looked to see which Senators voted for it.  8 Moderate Republicans, including Senator Orrin Hatch voted ‘Yes’.  That truly surprised me as I was told by his office that he was fully against United Nations ratifications!  Why, oh why, would Mr. Hatch play his card in helping the United Nations get closer to having parental rights taken away?

So, I called his office in D.C.  The intern was as shocked as I was about Hatch’s vote and didn’t know what his reasoning was.  I was put through to a Legislative Assistant to Senator Hatch.  Our discussion was interesting to me.

Do you remember back during the Primary when Hatch would go around saying he was Conservative?  Well keep that in mind, please as I continue.

The reason for Senator Hatch’s vote of yes was because he was interested in seeing what the discussion would bring about.  According to the Assistant, Senator Hatch’s 25 year record of leading the fight for the rights of the Disabled prompted a responsibility to continue that fight.  And that the UN treaty was patterned after the Americans with Disabilities Act – which was co-sponsored by Senator Hatch in 1990.  The conversation continued with: Senator Hatch knew that his pro vote or lack of pro vote wouldn’t count as the measure already had the required votes to pass.  So he went on the record with a ‘YES’ vote.  I was also told that Senator Hatch would be voting ‘No’ when it comes time to ratify the treaty.

I did ask if there was an official press release of today’s vote, just to be safe.  And there was not.

My conclusion of the vote and the conversation is that Senator Hatch played with fire.  He should know exactly how the game is played by now, after 36 years in the Senate.  And that the power of suggestion is powerful!  The United Nations and those that support the cause are one more step closer, just one vote away, in possibly grabbing the biggest power play to date!

According to the Legislative Affliation of Family Research Council ”

U.S. sovereignty is at issue on a number of fronts, including that the CRPD presumes the establishment of rights contained in treaties that the United States has not ratified, including the International Covenant on Social, Economic, and Cultural Rights (ICESCR). These rights are not recognized by the United States Constitution, nor are provided by existing U.S. laws – however U.S. courts could use the ratification of the CRPD to force Americans to comply with other UN treaties which are against American interests.

The original ADA equally protects the rights of all parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children, regardless of the disability status of parent or child. The CRPD would take away this right, obligating our government to ensure that “in all actions concerning children with disabilities, the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration.” The phrase “best interests of the child” is an international law “term of art,” its meaning firmly established through consistent application by other bodies, including the Committee on the Rights of the Child. As one international legal scholar explains, “Best interests provides decision and policy makers with the authority to substitute their own decisions for either the child’s or the parents’ provided it is based on consideration of the best interests of the child.” In ratifying the CRPD, the government would apply this standard only to parents of disabled children – a position antithetical to the protection for parents provided by the ADA.”

Please spread this information around and call your Senators and tell them to vote “NO” when it comes time to ratify this treaty!

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Snow and Economic Avalanche Warnings for this Winter!

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In our Utah mountains, Ski Patrols go out checking the slopes for loose snow.  Conditions could be just right, soft and powdery,  ready for skiers and snow boarders to get their rush of speed!  Or the conditions could be very deceiving and dangerous.  One sound or slight of pressure could set off a wall of thunderous snow, cascading to the lowest part of the valley.

The National Snow and Ice Data Center (Yes, there is tax money being spent on studying snow!) has provided an excellent visionary of an avalanche:

An avalanche has three main parts. The starting zone is the most volatile area of a slope, where unstable snow can fracture from the surrounding snow cover and begin to slide. Typical starting zones are higher up on slopes. However, given the right conditions, snow can fracture at any point on the slope.

Annotated avalanche trackThe three parts of an avalanche path are the starting zone, avalanche track, and runout zone. (Larger image not available)
—Credit: Betsy Armstrong

The avalanche track is the path or channel that an avalanche follows as it goes downhill. Large vertical swaths of trees missing from a slope or chute-like clearings are often signs that large avalanches run frequently there, creating their own tracks. There may also be a large pile-up of snow and debris at the bottom of the slope, indicating that avalanches have run.

The runout zone is where the snow and debris finally come to a stop. Similarly, this is also the location of the deposition zone, where the snow and debris pile the highest.

Several factors may affect the likelihood of an avalanche, including weather, temperature, slope steepness, slope orientation (whether the slope is facing north or south), wind direction, terrain, vegetation, and general snowpack conditions. Different combinations of these factors can create low, moderate, or extreme avalanche conditions. Some of these conditions, such as temperature and snowpack, can change on a daily or hourly basis.”

On Friday, (R) Senator Mike Lee from Utah brought to the attention that though there is a fiscal cliff, no one is paying attention to the Financial Avalanche that will happen once the economy falls and hits the ground!  What will be the “starting zone” that is the beginning of a deadly snow ball? You can read Senator Lee’s opinion piece, published in the Washington Times, here:

We could speculate what could be the first to hit would be student loans, consumer debt.  Or, could it be as simple as the over regulation that causes businesses to stop hiring, firing of employees.  Could it be the quantitative easing #3, the unlimited amounts of money being printed to make up for those funds that are being hoarded away by big companies, and the small individual for that rainy day?  Could it be the all important Government Debt Bubble that pops and sends the avalanche rushing down?

National Debt: $16,297,155,000,000 +
Debt Per Citizen: $15, 761
Debt Per Taxpayer: $141,973 – As of 12:30 pm MT on 11/28/2012

The national debt stands at over $16 Trillion dollars and counting!  By the end of 2012 $1089 Billion will have been added to that debt, with $.40 of ever dollar having been borrowed.  President Obama wants to fix that by spending more money!  Does that even make sense?  It did to the 50% of the citizens who voted for Obama.  What about the Adjustable-Rate Debt that the government holds?  The US is the largest adjustable rate holder in the world!  According to the U.S Treasury the average majority of all the debt is 4.3 years.  By the end of this year the U.S interest on debt currently being held will be $359,796,008,919.49, that’s capital “B” in Billion dollars on top of the $16 Trillion dollars.  For 2013 the added interest is expected to be $12,922,741,407.27.  Who else is sick, besides me?

Senator Lee is exactly right in declaring an avalanche warning!  Our economy could come to a stand still, worse than the week following 9/11.  Senator Lee, Senator Rand Paul- KY, and Senator Pat Toomey – PA have all submitted bills that would balance the budget.  President Obama has submitted budget proposals that weres given 0 (zero) votes in the past 2 years.  Senator Harry Reid and the Democrats haven’t submitted a thing, except to propose raising taxes on those that already pay 40% of the tax revue collected.  That’s not nearly enough to solve this crisis!  The words “Mayday, Mayday, Incoming” is all I hear when it comes to the approach of January 1!

Democrats and Republicans solutions of raising taxes, without severe cuts in spending are just making the problem worse and in fact playing Economic Russian Roulette with the lives of citizens.  TARP 1 and 2 haven’t worked!  Americans have been asked to give their fair share.  I think we have, short of giving our piddly savings, which the Government has said they want to tax next!

Who knows what will be in the pile at in the “run-out zone”.  I can guess more than empty businesses and mass confusion!  I hate to even mention it, but death could also be found.  Democrats and moderate, negotiating Republicans need to get their heads out of their lucrative positions and start practicing what they preach.  Otherwise they will have their reputations forever linked to the down fall of America and her citizens!


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The Confusion of the RFID Chip Provision

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Data sharing  is not unusual.  We share our knowledge all the time to anyone willing to listen.  We allow data sharing all the time from our bank accounts when we shop to our Doctors referring us to specialists, even the educators that our children come in contact with share bits and pieces of data.

RFID chips are not that unusual either.  They are in the boxes we ship, the bar codes of items that we buy, in our credit cards, our drivers’ licenses and in the passports we use.   Chips are in our Michelin tires.  We’ve been secure in knowing our dogs and cats can be returned to us, should they ever get lost.  And how about tracking the amount of sheep and cows and their health, when a farmer brings them in for any type of maintenance.  RFID chips have proven to be useful and more effective with keeping data.

But now the fear is that the government has hinted about implementing RFID’s into humans.  There are a lot of articles out there saying that the rumor of having RFID chips implanted in humans come March 23rd, is true.  And there are others saying that the rumor is false.

Snopes and has said that the rumor is false.   Below is what FactCheck has posted on its site back in 2010:

“Will the law require all patients to be implanted with microchips?

No. Nothing like this appears in the new law, or in any of the bills that Congress considered. This claim stems from a wild misinterpretation of a provision in the original House leadership’s bill (H.R. 3200) that did not require implantation of anything, and that was, in any case, not part of the final legislation. The part of the original House leadership’s bill that’s usually referenced to support this rather paranoid claim actually would have set up a registry for class III medical devices and class II devices that are “implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining.” The Federal Drug Administration’s classifications determine how much oversight and regulation the device has — class III devices (such as, for example, replacement heart valves or artificial hips) need pre-market FDA approval; class I devices (like x-ray film or tongue depressors) need only general quality controls. Class II devices, which need to meet performance standards but don’t need pre-market approval, cover a wide range — blood pressure cuffs are class II, but so are cerebral shunts. That’s why the bill specified implantable, life-supporting and life-sustaining devices.

But the bill did not mandate implantable devices of any kind, least of all microchips. Rather, it said that implantable devices will be registered so that physicians can access data about safety and effectiveness in a way that “protects patient privacy and proprietary information.” And again, it didn’t become law.”

In the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, an RFID chip would be categorized as a class II devise, but nowhere in the law does it state specifically “radio frequency identification chips.”  In the “Compilation of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of the 111th Congress, as amended through May 1, 2010, did not show any reference to microchip implants.

The FDA has come out and said that “RFID technology has many applications for health care. For example, RFID can potentially improve patient safety. …  However, RFID emissions also have the potential to affect electronic medical devices. To date, FDA has received no reports of injuries resulting from RFID. But preliminary FDA testing has shown that some RFID emitters potentially could slow the rate of pacemakers or cause implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) to deliver inappropriate shocks. Other electronic medical devices could also react inappropriately in the presence of RFID.”

Most recently in the news we have heard of the student being suspended for refusing the RFID tracking card.  Northside Independent School District started this school year with two of its campuses to try the system out.  One student, refused, citing religious reasons and was eventually suspended from school.   The District on the other had  “said the Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) tags would improve safety by allowing them to locate students — and count them more accurately at the beginning of the school day to help offset cuts in state funding, which is partly based on attendance.”  More stories of RFID chips being used can be found here:

So how does the educational use of RFIDS and medical RFIDs tie in together?  Its all about the money.  Follow the money, someone once told me and you’ll discover a wealth of information.  It is all about cost effectiveness and productivity.  I would start with the manufacturers:  Verichip is one company that makes microchip implants.  UMP Rafsec is another, along with Alien Technology, Avery Dennison, Confidex, Impinj, Intermec, Invengo, Metalcraft, Motorola, Omni-ID, SMARTRAC, WaveTrend, and Zebra.  You can bet many more will show up on the market as people aka sheep, believe that RFID chips are mandatory.  I would watch the stocks as March 23rd gets closer.  If I had more time I’d research the owners of these companies and see who they are affiliated with.  Again, follow the money.

RFID chips at this moment in time, is not mandatory, but just as getting a Social Security number was an open invitation back in 1935, (now you have to have a SSN to get a paycheck.), so is the invite to get microchipped today, and it soon will switch over to being a prerequisite to attend a public school, or receive healthcare services at a hospital.  The convenience of swiping your wrist over a scanner to pay for groceries will eliminate the need for your purse or wallet.   As far as I can tell those that take part of Medicaid or Medicare will be required to participate.  The  Medcaid Managment Information System is a great place to start.

Why collect all this data on every citizen?  Its all in the name of cost effectiveness.  If the liver transplant is too expensive, don’t do it.  That person would die anyway.  If a child shows skills in mechanics, great he’ll be shipped out to a factory.  The program for that is Prosperity 2020.  There are no names associated with the individuals, just numbers, most attached with dollar signs.  It sounds like a horrific Sci-Fi movie doesn’t it.  I don’t think the Jewish people walking and slaving away in Azweiz or Buchenwald Concentration Camps, would think it was a movie; they lived it.

And yet already educated, 1st world citizens of Utah have already opted to have an RFID implant; an assigned number that links to a lot of private information.   I have a girlfriend who came to me scared after having her daycare provider tell her that come March 23, her son would need a chip to attend.  I called my personal doctor’s office and the woman who answered the phone knew nothing about it.  I know that my community’s school district has purchased a $90,000 GPS tracking unit that would also track RFID cards for students.  The Jordan School District sites the same reason as the TX District did; security and more efficient attendance keeping.

Keep a look out for clinics to come into your schools ; that is the efficiency of Agenda 21.  They want to combine the records so that your child’s information is all under one number.  Be wary of computers coming into your homes for free from the schools.  I was told by a Park City School Administrator that they can see everything your student sees, and can turn on the camera remotely, for safety reasons.  She had to leave before I could question further.

The complicated system of having records scattered all over the place is not working for elitists who have big plans in destroying America and developing a One World Order.  Individuals, who dare to dream on their own and create their own pursuit of happiness, get in the way of global progress and adds to the unbalancing of environmental progress.  According to elitists its about saving the planet, not saving the world, but only for the elite to live on.

If this was a fictional novel I’d make millions!  But truth is stranger than fiction and very few will buy the truth, even with the evidence to prove it!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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My heart is full this Thanksgiving morning.

I hear my youngest son use is outside voice, inside and I am grateful that I have been giving the privilege to be a mother to 5 stunning, smart and wonderful children. All of them have unique talents, balancing each other as a group.  They have given me their trust in leading them and guiding them in their education.  And they have each shared their testimony with me about their love of the Savior and His Gospel.

I am grateful for a husband who loves me, who stands beside me when we are together in goals, who stands behind me and allows me to shine, and who stands in front of me when the barrage of opposition comes down.  I am grateful that he is willing to support us and provide for our wants and needs.  I am amazed at how much he knows and how much more he is willing to learn.  He serves our family and friends with a happy stride in his step, and has never complained.  He is a rarity, indeed and I am a lucky girl to have been asked to marry him.

I am grateful for my adopted country.  The atmosphere of American tradition that carries through all the Holidays is one of happiness, excitement and hope.  I am grateful for the American Soldiers who have trained, fought and died for us and our freedoms.  “Greater love for no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” – KJB John15:13  I hope and pray that the “Oath Takers” out there know that we are fighting with them on the home front, fighting to getting those freedoms back through civil means.   I am grateful for the men and women who have taught me the courage needed to fight for our freedoms at home.  They put their own lives at stake, sometimes losing family, friends, jobs, homes, all in the name of fighting for just principles and causes.  The sacrifices  have not gone un-noticied.  “There is one day that is ours, Thanksgiving Day is the one day that is purely American.” ~ O. Henry

I am grateful for my faith, for without it I wouldn’t be able to hold on to hope and the knowledge that I have that God and His Son, our Savior Jesus Christ live.  I am forever in debt to Him for the constant love and forgiveness that he has shown me.  I am grateful that He is at the helm and that He knows what is going on in the world.  I am grateful for the knowledge that if I choose to follow him, I will be safe no matter what may come.  My constant prayer is that I will hold fast to my testimony and that when the time comes to pass through this earth, that it will be in tact, and that I would have never purposefully lead any one astray.
“The most important prayer in the world is just two words long: “Thank you”   ~ Meister Eckhart

Thanksgiving is meant to show our gratitude to our Creator for all that He has given us and to share that with our families.  My hope is that you’ll leave the shopping for tomorrow and dedicate the time to gratitude.

I pray that your Thanksgiving is full of love and forgiveness.   See each other as children of God and be grateful that we are living today with peace in our country.

From my Thanksgiving table to yours: Wishing you the best of memories!


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