Lisa Cummins

Lisa Cummins is currently a bloggist for “Political Cummins and Goings.” Her family was part of the early settling of the Salt Lake Valley.  Part of the family immigrated to Southern Alberta and Lisa returned to the United States as a child, proudly obtaining her citizenship in April of 2009.  Her course of study, both formal and independent, has always been focused on current events and American history.  It is this knowledge that has propelled her into the political arena.

Lisa’s accomplishments include an internship at the Youth Correctional Facility in St. Anthony, ID,  and another Internship as the clerk in the Rexburg District Court office. She then devoted her time to rearing a family.  In August of 2011, Lisa joined Carl Wimmer’s campaign for the 4thCongressional District in Utah.  During that time, she also founded the Salt Lake Valley Patriots, a local grassroots community group that brings the issues and Legislators to a forum to help people understand what is happening in their government.

Lisa is the Co-Owner and Executive Administrator of ‘My CNA Source’ – a post secondary certified nursing assistant school that opened in June of 2011.

Lisa is also a Regional Volunteer for the FIRST Foundation, supporting families from all over the country that are affected with Ichthyosis.

Her love of God and her study of history has helped her to see the responsibility she has in preserving the freedom she has learned to love and appreciate.  The basic fundamental right and obligation to make choices is the only way to successfully pursue happiness and Lisa fights for that everyday.  Self-reliance and self-accountability are the foundation to living free and responsibly.  Lisa believes that being free to choose is inseparably connected for accepting the consequences of our actions, both intended and unintended.

Lisa has been married to her husband, Don for 18 years.  Together, they have 5 children and 3 dogs!  In her spare time Lisa chooses to just get in her car and drive, homeschool and hang out with her family, garden, read, sing and dance!